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Jodi Roberts36 minutes ago
My Husband Killed Me
I will start by saying to all the people in my life, "I am sorry!" I thought he loved me, some of you knew that I was wrong, but I really thought he did. Fifteen years; next month we would have celebr...
Jordan Emmons3 hours ago
We Have to Stop Stigmatizing Birth Control
Much of the conversation around abortion rights inevitably morphs into a discussion about birth control, and without fail swarms of people in congress (and on Twitter) decide to take it upon themselve...
Bijan Ellesse4 hours ago
Peeling Back Makeup Layers
Riddle me this: You wear makeup for the majority of your adult life, and one day, you decided to go natural. People start asking you questions like “are you okay?” And “were you running late this morn...
Val Padi4 hours ago
You're Not Here Anymore and That’s Okay
The day you got sick was the day that everything in my past came back to my head in my thoughts. When we were younger we had it very hard, you were a strict old school Mexican dad. Your beliefs were t...
Paisley Hansen20 hours ago
Benefits of Animals
Animals can be so many things for us.
Mila Bea21 hours ago
It's​ Shark Week!!!
That time of the month is definitely the worst, especially if you had a beach day planned. Or maybe sometimes it could be a relief if you know what I mean... here are some tips and tricks for you to k...