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Chloe Murphy2 days ago
5 Life Lessons I Learned When I Lost My Father
My father was just 49 when he died at the start of this year; I was 19. My dad had a bad heart condition when he was a child but he hadn’t had any major issues with his heart since his teenage years. ...
Why Reiki May Be The Answer For Your Colic Infant
We know Reiki may not be the first treatment that comes to mind for your colic infant. As a parent, maybe you've heard of this powerful ancient branch of energy medicine during prenatal yoga, on socia...
Weird Facts About Dogs You Probably Didn’t Know
Dogs are man's best friend and winners of the internet. They are the second most common pet next to cats, and are also typically the hallmark of a person who is outgoing and well-liked. Everyone likes...
Simon Nelson3 days ago
The Best Low-Price Beauty Must-Haves: Holiday Edition
We tried them so you don't have to! Here are the best holiday make-up products for you and your face this winter season!
JM Cox3 days ago
Dads Aren't Babysitters
Let’s try to make sure this question stops being asked: “Oh, is your husband babysitting?” We’ve come a long way from the era of mothers as caregivers and fathers as providers. In many families, both ...
Bea Santos3 days ago
Why Do Men Feel the Need to Belittle Women's Rights?
A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook regarding women's rights and how society needs to change its outlook. We can no longer live in a society that rewards male aggression and dominance and sil...