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Mia Johnson3 days ago
How to Deal with Cravings During a Period
It's "that" time of the month when every single woman would just like to be left alone so that she could put one her comfy onesie and eat her favorite trash food. When the period is around the corner,...
Kevin 3 days ago
How to Take a Break from Life as a Family
When was the last time you took a break from the business of everyday family life? Sometimes taking a break from life as a family just means going on a family trip, so you can relax with one another i...
anyonymous a3 days ago
Mental Abuse
This is my story on suffering mental abuse in a relationship. I guess I will just start from the beginning. I met a guy in a time of my life where I felt I absolutely needed someone to be happy. I did...
Mar Ta3 days ago
You’ll Never Understand My Love for You, Little Boy
I knew parenting was going to be hard, but never in my life did I imagine I’d be doing it entirely alone. And never in my life did I imagine JUST how hard it would be, day in and day out. From the ear...
Paisley Hansen3 days ago
How to Keep Your Skin Looking Young
Once upon a time maintaining perfect skin was easy. Your skin shone with a youthful vibrancy, and bounced back with elastic ease. Many wonderful changes happen as we age, but the natural aging process...
Caitlin Franks4 days ago
Teenage Mother
When I was young, I was happy. Free and full of life. I had no worry in the world. I had so many friends, so I was always outside playing. I kept busy all of the time. As I grew up into my teenage yea...