Step 6: Maximize Your Earnings

Using the Full Vocal Platform to Your Benefit

By Judey Kalchik Published 10 months ago Updated 10 months ago 4 min read

Vocal is for all creators, including but not limited to: writers, poets, journalists, musicians, podcasters, photographers, illustrators, artists, videographers, and more.

All creators have access to Vocal's platforms and the tools to expand their reach, build a loyal following, increase their visibility, and grow their earnings.

Before going further, make sure you've taken the first step to earn on the Vocal platform and connected a Stripe account. All earnings from Vocal, and all tips and pledges from your readers, are paid through Stripe. Once that's done you are ready to build on that foundation and increase your earnings.

The Basics to Maximize Earnings

  1. Upgrading to Vocal+ instantly increases earnings for all creators. Although a free Vocal account does pay $3.80 per 1000 reads, Vocal+ members receive $6.00 per 1000 reads. You can even save money on your Vocal+ upgrade by paying for a full year instead of month by month. Go here to find out more.
  2. Use a Call to Action (CTA) within your posts. Although most commonly found at the end of a post, a Call to Action invites the reader to DO something as a result of reading your content. Common CTAs include:
  • Asking for a comment.
  • Clicking on a heart.

Expand the CTA ask to actions that will increase your reach and earnings:

A Vocal-supplied box at the end of the story that features opportunities to engage with the Creator
  • Encourage the reader to Subscribe to you for FREE so that they 'will never miss my newest stories...' or 'be the first to see the next installment', etc. Readers can subscribe to any creator, free and Vocal+.
  • Suggest a Tip. Readers may not realize they have the opportunity to tip until they reach the end of the story. Creators can reinforce that option box with their own ask and personalize it. Let the reader know that a tip will pay for your coffee as you burn the midnight oil, keep the internet on as you submit your serialized novel updates, help you save for your next planned travelogue trip, the next ticket to see the band you just profiled, or crowdfund your next podcast. Make it fun, personal, and respectful. This option is open to free and Vocal+ members.
  • Invite the reader to support your creativity with a monthly Pledge of $2.99. This option to earn is for Vocal+ members only, and there is no need to add a Patreon or other service; Vocal keeps everything in one place so the reader doesn't click away from your next story. There are plans to merge paid Pledging with the free Subscribe option in the future. Stay tuned for more details on this in 2023-2024.
  • Find more ways to build engagement with your readers here.

The Next Level of Maximized Earnings

  1. The Vocal Ambassador Program pays the referring creator a commission when someone joins Vocal+ using the referrer's personalized link. It's free to become an Ambassador, and easy to include the CTA for your readers to level up to Vocal+. Consistent referrals can create a passive income for you, and even occasional earnings can cover your own Vocal+ membership payment.
  2. Engage in Vocal Challenges and expand your writing experience while you submit entries and compete for cash prizes. Current Challenges are easy to find: they're gathered and linked on the Vocal Homepage and also on the tab at the top of the Home and Community pages. Most Challenges are exclusive to Vocal+ members, which is another good reason to upgrade your membership.
  3. Vocal Bonuses can add a sizeable bump to your earnings. Bonuses vary, but currently include
  • $5.00 bonus when your writing is chosen as a Top Story. Top Stories are featured on the Vocal Home page, shared on social media, and also included on their own tab within the new Vocal Discord group. This exposure increases the reach and reads of your story: more reads= more earnings.
  • Bonus if your suggestion for future Challenges is chosen for implementation. Make your suggestions here, in the comments section of this Vocal thread.

Share All Your Creativity and Maximize Your Earnings

Creating requires time, and time is money. Consider the following ways to maximize your earnings and use of time with the Vocal platform.

  1. Cross-post your content from other platforms on Vocal. Do you write for other platforms, such as Medium, WordPress, or Substack? Make that content do double-duty and expand your audience by posting it on Vocal. Include a link to your originally-published content and even invite someone to subscribe to your newsletter on that platform. Get the details on cross-posting here.
  2. Promote your product on Vocal. Musicians, influencers, YouTube creators, videographers, photographers: all can promote their product in creative ways on Vocal. Embed your songs, links to YouTube channel, TikTok, Spotify links, or Amazon Affiliate links and include a compelling call to action and narrative.
  3. Share your Crowdfunding on Vocal. The ability to embed links within your Vocal content amplifies the exposure of your efforts. Use your story to explain the 'why' for giving and make it easy to contribute by including a link.
  4. Promote your digital content on Vocal. Storytelling draws in a reader just as a compelling podcast narrative engages the listener. All of the background research, outtakes, media pre-production can be used in your Vocal story, right along with the embedded link to your podcast. Make your Vocal content a Value add for your listeners and provide them an immersive experience that they will get only from YOU.

Once you start expanding your use of the Vocal platform you'll see the difference each step makes in your stats.

Step 7: Tracking Your Stats→

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  • Konrad Dr. Barsony3 days ago

    OK Judey, Im with you, thanks

  • Thanks for the information!

  • Make Money With Karim.about a month ago

    Making sense

  • Ameer Bibi2 months ago

    Good strategies and all enhance your exposure to more audience. Thanks for sharing

  • Boniface Richard.9 months ago

    Making sense

  • Thavien Yliaster10 months ago

    I will type this, I've never been a fan of whenever I was watching a YouTube video and somebody would say, "Make sure to like and subscribe." It's always rubbed me the wrong way, because if I genuinely liked the content and then I should do so of my own free will without a reminder. I will say though, I only did that once on Vocal. I asked to "leave a heart, comment, and subscribe for more." In the end I edited the article and removed that, entirely. It's always made me think of not just beggars, but mainly choosing beggars. It's like when somebody doesn't know when to stop asking. They'll get rejected for a small thing, and then they continue to ask for more. That's just my perspective, though. If somebody likes my work, I genuinely want them to enjoy it, and if they give to give freely of themselves, not that they have to feel like giving. I may have other works promoted for them to continue reading/watching/listening, but that's only to provide them easy access to other related content. Nice article, Judey.

  • Ahamed Thousif10 months ago

    This is very informative...

  • Editorial Notes: "Engage in Vocal Challenges and expand your writing experience while to submit entries and compete for cash prizes." I'm not sure if you meant to say "you" instead of "to" or intended some other phrasing. "Creating requires time, and time is money. Consider the following was to maximize your earnings and use of time with the Vocal platform." I'm pretty sure you intended "ways" rather than "was".

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