Introducing Tipping: A New Way to Earn

Tipping is a new way you can receive support for your creations.

By Vocal TeamPublished 4 years ago 4 min read

We believe great stories deserve to be rewarded, so we created a tipping feature to help fund your creativity. Tipping allows your audience to pay you directly for your stories. We take a 7% transfer fee to support Vocal so you can keep creating on it without invasive display ads. This is a great way to raise money for a project or let your audience support your passion.

And, by tipping another creator, you’re showing your favorite creators your support for them. Here’s what you need to know about tipping:

Why tipping?

Our creators are our partners. We support our creators with direct monetization via reads, and we want our creators to be able to support each other. It’s all part of the sharing economy, also known as collaborative consumption. If you like a creator’s story, you should be able to show your support for it, and vice versa.

Best of all, tipping helps Vocal to remain display ad-free. Nobody likes ads popping up all over the story they are trying to read, including us. That’s why we take a 7% fee—it helps us provide an ad-free experience. That’s a win-win for all involved.

How to Send a Tip

If you’ve experienced something on Vocal that makes you want to show your support by tipping that creator, it’s easy to send. At the end of a creator’s story, or on their author page, you’ll see the option to send them a tip if the creator has the feature enabled.

Simply pick the amount you’d like to send and choose your payment method. All tips are processed through Stripe, which accepts Apple Pay, credit card, debit card, and more.

Please note: Stripe may charge you an additional fee for tipping an international author. To learn more, please visit Stripe.

How to Receive a Tip

In order to receive a tip, you must have Stripe connected to your Vocal account. The tipping option won’t appear for your readers if Stripe isn’t connected.

Once Stripe is connected, you can keep track of how many tips you have received in your Wallet. Under “Tips,” you’ll see a list of the tips you have received—attached to the story or profile from which it was sent.

Because you’ve connected Vocal with Stripe, any tips you receive go directly to your bank account. No need to withdraw from your Vocal Wallet to Stripe.

How Tipping Can Help You Create More

There are some specific ways readers can use tipping other than showing that they liked your story.

  • Make some extra money: If you’ve ever attempted to create something for a living, you know it doesn’t come easy. It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of luck. Tipping allows you to make even more money off your work, because everyone should be paid to do what they love.
  • Raise money for a cause: Sometimes, we need money for a worthy cause, but can’t provide funds all on our own. You can make a story about what happened, and readers can tip in order to support your funding.
  • Crowdfund for a project: Crowdfunding is the way of the 21st century, and what better way to get support for your ambitions than by getting tipped? People love knowing that they were a part of helping someone do something; it’s a priceless feeling.

These are just a few of the ways tipping can help you and your fellow creators. Be a part of the collective community—a little goes a long way. If every person who reads a story gave dollar, it could change that creator’s life!

  • Ask for a tip in your story (nicely): Don’t spend the entire story begging for money—politely ask for a tip at the end and relate it to your content. For example, in “17 Tips You Need to Know Before Hiking the Everest Base Camp Trek,” the creator includes a small note at the end, reading, “Like what you read? Send me a gift below to help contribute to my next adventure!” She asks the reader to contribute if they’d like, and she relates it to her story.
  • Promote your work on social media: In addition to getting you more reads, promoting your story on your social media can help you get more tips. A simple sentence when posting telling readers that they can tip you if they liked it can greatly increase your chances of getting a tip.
  • Make sure your content is high quality in the first place: This should go without saying, but people aren’t going to give money after reading a story that they didn’t enjoy reading. Be sure your story is well-written, engaging, and interesting for your audience. If you’ve just given someone the best movie recommendations they’ve ever gotten, they’re more likely to tip you.

We are always trying to bring our creators more features that improve their experience with us, and tipping is one of our favorites. Now go on, it’s time to tip and get tipped!

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    So so sad to see that my country isn't eligible for the payment method, don't have Stripe. I think I'll publish my stories anyway though.

  • jahangir iqbal30 days ago

    The introduction of a tipping feature on Vocal is a fantastic initiative that not only benefits creators but also enhances the overall experience of the platform. Tipping is a win-win for both creators and their audience. Here are some comments and thoughts on this feature: Supporting Creators: Tipping is a wonderful way for readers to directly support their favorite creators. It's a meaningful gesture that acknowledges the hard work and dedication that creators put into crafting engaging stories. In a world where content creation is increasingly valued, this feature empowers creators to continue doing what they love. Ad-Free Experience: The 7% transfer fee for tipping is a small price to pay for the privilege of enjoying an ad-free experience while reading stories. Most readers can agree that ads can be distracting and disrupt the flow of a good story. Vocal's decision to keep the platform ad-free through tipping is a major benefit for everyone. Diverse Uses: Tipping has multiple use cases beyond showing appreciation for a well-written story. Creators can use tipping to make extra income from their work, which is especially important for those who rely on content creation as a livelihood. It can also be used to raise funds for worthy causes or to crowdfund creative projects, making it a versatile tool for creators. Community Building: Tipping fosters a sense of community among creators and their audience. It's a way for readers to actively participate in supporting the creators they admire. By tipping, readers become an integral part of a creator's journey, helping them achieve their goals and dreams. Tipping Etiquette: It's important to emphasize the importance of tasteful and respectful requests for tips. Creators should ask for tips in a polite and non-intrusive manner. Mentioning it at the end of a story, as long as it's relevant to the content, is a considerate approach that won't alienate readers. Promotion and Quality: To encourage more tips, creators can promote their work on social media and engage with their audience. However, the key to securing tips is still creating high-quality, engaging content. Readers are more likely to tip when they've been genuinely impressed by a story. The Power of a Dollar: As mentioned, a small contribution from many readers can have a significant impact on a creator's life. It's a powerful reminder that even small gestures of support can make a substantial difference in a creator's journey. In conclusion, Vocal's tipping feature is a brilliant addition to the platform. It empowers creators, fosters a supportive community, and allows readers to enjoy an ad-free experience. As long as tipping is used respectfully and creators continue to produce high-quality content, it has the potential to be a game-changer in the world of online content creation. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved, and it's time to embrace the power of tipping on Vocal!

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    Please share your stories. I will subscribe back to everyone who works hard to create creative new writings ❤️ Let's all try our best to tell our stories ❤️

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    How do I connect my account to Stripe??

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  • Just I found here 279 comments. Why we don't come ahead to support to each other by reading, liking, and sharing with publishers? I do promise I will read other articles and share them with my friends. We need to help each other because our all target is the same and common.

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    Good jobs read my story

  • Great work. Thank you.

  • Mark Graham2 months ago

    I have only had one tip and that was when I first started writing on Vocal I believe back in 2020 or 2021. I really cannot afford to tip but I was hoping that if I made enough that I could start tipping the writers I read a lot.

  • Louis O Mackenzie2 months ago

    I am new here as well. I look forward to building a new community that appreciates and supports each other

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