Mastering TikTok for Writers in 2023: The Definitive Guide to Boosting Your Audience and Influence

Everything you need to know about how to leverage TikTok and Vocal to grow your audience as a writer.

By Vocal TeamPublished 25 days ago 8 min read

In case you have been living under a rock, TikTok is a wildly popular short-form video-sharing app that has taken the world by storm, attracting millions of users globally and revolutionizing the way we create, share, and consume content on social media.

For us writers, it's a goldmine waiting to be explored, offering us the chance to reach new audiences and elevate our writing careers. From bite-sized excerpts of your Vocal stories to behind-the-scenes glimpses of our writing journey, TikTok allows you to showcase your passion for the written word in ways never before imagined. Let's look at how creators can use TikTok to grow their audience on Vocal.

Optimizing Your TikTok Profile for Maximum Impact

When it comes to making a splash on TikTok, first impressions matter. That's why optimizing your profile is crucial for maximum impact. Just like your Vocal author page, think of your TikTok profile as your digital business card—it's the first thing potential followers see when they come across your content.

  1. To make your profile shine, start by choosing a memorable and relevant username that reflects your writing persona. We recommend choosing a name that has continuity with your Vocal profile to preserve your branding.
  2. Next, craft a captivating bio that highlights your writing niche and what sets you apart from the crowd. Make sure to add a link back to your Vocal author page, or use a tool like Linktree to add multiple links.
  3. Finally, pick a good profile picture that showcases your personality and complements your brand as a writer.

Content Creation Strategies for Writers on TikTok

Diving into the world of TikTok as a writer might seem daunting at first, but with a little creativity, you'll soon find your groove. When it comes to content creation strategies, the key is to think outside the box and showcase your unique voice.

Here are a few concepts to get you started:

Share snippets of your work: Start by experimenting with micro-stories or flash fiction, which are perfect for TikTok's short-form video format. Create visual adaptations that captivate viewers in mere seconds and entice them to view your work on Vocal to build your audience.

Leverage stitching to boost engagement: Stitching is a TikTok feature that allows you to integrate a snippet of someone else's video into your own content, creating a seamless and interactive video experience. This powerful tool enables you to join in on trending conversations, respond to other users' content, and showcase your relevant Vocal stories in a unique and engaging way.

Share valuable writing tips, tricks, and insights: Don't be afraid to get personal—show your audience the behind-the-scenes of writing on Vocal or discuss the challenges and triumphs of your writing journey.

Author Interviews and Collaborations: Reach out to fellow authors on Vocal and conduct short interviews or engage in collaborative projects to share experiences, discuss writing techniques, or offer mutual book recommendations. This not only broadens your reach but also provides your audience with fresh perspectives and engaging content.

Writing Prompts and Challenges: Share Vocal's Challenges or create your own writing challenges, encouraging your audience to participate and share their creations. This interactive approach fosters community engagement and provides your followers with opportunities to flex their creative muscles.

Story Reviews and Recommendations: Offer thoughtful reviews or recommendations on other Vocal creators' stories tailored to your audience's interests. By sharing your favorite reads or providing insightful critiques of popular stories in your genre, you'll position yourself as a trusted resource and deepen your connection with audience.

By offering a diverse range of content that caters to both readers and writers, you'll quickly carve out a niche for yourself and establish a strong presence on TikTok.

Mastering Hashtags for Better Visibility

As a writer looking to make your mark on TikTok, mastering the art of hashtags is a game-changer for better visibility. Hashtags are the backbone of content discovery on the platform, allowing users to find and engage with content that interests them. By using relevant and targeted hashtags, you can significantly boost your content's reach and attract the right audience.

To become a hashtag guru, start by doing your homework. Research popular and trending hashtags within your writing niche, as well as more general ones that appeal to a wider audience. But don't just rely on the most popular tags—explore niche-specific hashtags that cater to your unique writing style and genre. Combining both popular and niche tags will maximize your content's exposure while still targeting your desired audience.

Here are a few hashtags you can try out:

Need some more inspo? Check out more hashtags and strategies for other social networks in our resource here:

When crafting your TikTok captions, be strategic with your hashtag selection. Use a mix of broad and narrow hashtags to cover all your bases, but avoid using too many, as it may dilute your message and appear spammy. Keep an eye on your TikTok analytics and Vocal Stats to gauge which hashtags drive the most engagement, and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Engaging with the Writing Community through Challenges and Collaborations

One of the best ways to grow your presence on TikTok and connect with fellow writers is by engaging with the writing community through challenges and collaborations.

Just like Vocal, Challenges are a big part of TikTok's culture, so keep an eye out for trending writing challenges or create your own unique challenge to encourage others to participate.

By joining in on these challenges, you'll expose your work to a wider audience and potentially gain new followers who share your passion for the written word. Don't forget to use relevant hashtags when participating in challenges to boost your visibility even further.

Collaborations open up a world of possibilities for co-creating content with fellow authors, influencers, and even your own followers. Reach out to other writers on Vocal that you admire and propose a collaborative project, such as co-writing a story, exchanging writing tips, or hosting a joint live stream where you discuss your favorite books and writing techniques.

Collaborations not only help you gain exposure to a new audience but also foster a sense of camaraderie within the writing community on TikTok and Vocal.

Embedding Your TikTok Content on Vocal

Embedding your TikTok content on Vocal can be a great way to enhance your written work with engaging visuals and create a more immersive experience for your readers. Plus, it can help drive traffic to your TikTok profile and grow your audience, creating a flywheel for growth.

To begin, select the TikTok video you'd like to embed within your Vocal article. Make sure the video complements your story and adds value to your content. Once you've chosen the perfect video, simply copy the video's URL from the TikTok app or website and paste the video URL directly into Vocal's embed feature in the editor. Vocal's platform will automatically recognize and embed the TikTok video within your article, creating a seamless multimedia experience for your readers.

Here's an example of an embedded TikTok video on Vocal...

And here's an example of a TikTok profile embedded on Vocal...

Utilizing Live Streaming to Connect with Your Fans

If you already have over 1,000 followers on TikTok, live streaming offers a unique opportunity to connect with your fans in real-time, providing an intimate and interactive space to build stronger relationships with your audience. By utilizing live streaming, you can showcase your personality, share insights into your writing process, and establish yourself as an approachable and authentic figure within the writing community.

Make sure to choose a topic or theme that will resonate with your audience. This could be anything from a live Q&A session to discuss your Vocal story, a writing workshop where you share tips and techniques, or a casual "write with me" stream where fans can join you as you work on your current project. Announce your live streams in advance, on Vocal and TikTok, as well as your other social media platforms, to give your audience ample notice and generate excitement.

During your live streams, be sure to engage with your viewers by responding to their comments and questions, and encourage them to interact with you and each other. Keep the conversation flowing and maintain a positive and welcoming atmosphere to ensure your fans feel heard and appreciated.

Don't forget to save your live streams and embed them into recap article on Vocal, so those who missed it can catch up later, and consider repurposing highlights as regular TikTok content to reach a broader audience.

Make sure you tag Vocal!

While Vocal has been a bit quiet on TikTok, we're gearing up to start using it more, so make sure to keep an eye out for their content and tag @vocal_creators when you share your own TikTok creations related to your Vocal articles.

We hope this guide has provided you with some insights and tips for making the most of TikTok as a Vocal creator. Now it's time to unleash your creativity and start connecting with readers and fellow writers alike.

We'd love to hear your thoughts, experiences, or questions in the comments below. So, don't hesitate to join the conversation and let us know how TikTok has helped you grow your audience and elevate your writing career.

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