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Weathering the Storm

Understanding and Resolving Marital Conflicts

By An LanhPublished 28 days ago 3 min read

"Understanding and Resolving Marital Conflicts"

John: Hey, honey.

Anna: (Muttering to herself) Yeah, whatever.

John: What's wrong? You assume upset.

Anna: I'm not upset. I'm aloof tired.

John: Annoyed of what?

Anna: Annoyed of everything, John. Annoyed of advancing home to an abandoned house, annoyed of affable and cleaning, annoyed of actuality taken for granted.

John: I don't understand. What do you mean?

Anna: You apperceive absolutely what I mean, John. You're never about anymore. You assignment all the time, and back you're not working, you're out with your friends. You never accept any time for me or the kids.

John: That's not true! I adulation you and the kids actual much.

Anna: Yeah, right. If you did, you'd act like it. You'd accomplish an accomplishment to absorb time with us. You'd advice out about the house. But you don't. You aloof apprehend me to do everything.

John: I do advice out about the house! I booty out the trash, I do the dishes sometimes...

Anna: Sometimes? That's not enough, John. I'm not your maid. I'm your wife. And I deserve to be advised like one.

John: I amusement you with respect.

Anna: No, you don't. You amusement me like I'm invisible. You booty me for granted. You anticipate I can aloof do aggregate after any advice from you.

John: That's not what I anticipate at all.

Anna: Yes, it is! And it's not fair. I'm annoyed of actuality taken for granted. I'm annoyed of activity like I'm not acceptable enough.

John: You are acceptable enough, Sarah. You're an amazing wife and mother.

Anna: I don't feel like that. I feel like I'm failing. I feel like I'm not active up to your expectations.

John: My expectations? What are you talking about?

Anna: You apprehend me to be perfect. You apprehend me to consistently attending my best, to consistently accept banquet on the table, to consistently be blessed and cheerful. But I'm not perfect. I'm human. I accomplish mistakes. And I get tired.

John: I don't apprehend you to be perfect. I aloof appetite you to be happy.

Anna: I can't be blessed if I don't feel like I'm valued. And I don't feel valued, John. I feel like I'm aloof a assistant to you and the kids.

John: That's not true! You're added than that to me. You're my wife, my partner, my best friend.

Anna: I don't feel like that. I feel like I'm all alone.

John: You're not alone, Sarah. I'm actuality for you.

Anna: No, you're not. You're consistently alive or out with your friends. You're never there for me back I charge you.

John: That's not true! I'm consistently actuality for you.

Anna: No, you're not! The aftermost time I bare you to talk, you fell comatose on the couch.

John: I was tired. I had a continued day at work.

Anna: I'm consistently tired, John. But I still accomplish time for you. I still accept to you back you charge to talk.

John: I apperceive you do. And I acknowledge it.

Anna: But it's not enough, John. I charge added than that. I charge you to appearance me that you adulation me.

John: I do adulation you, Sarah. Added than annihilation in the world.

Anna: Then why do you amusement me like this?

John: I don't know. I assumption I'm aloof not acceptable at assuming my emotions.

Anna: Well, you charge to alpha accepting bigger at it. Because if you don't, I'm not abiding how abundant best I can break in this marriage.

John: I don't appetite you to leave, Sarah. I adulation you.

Anna: I adulation you too, John. But I can't break in a alliance area I don't feel admired and appreciated.


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