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My Anger and Hate

That masks my Fear of Trump

By Johann HollarPublished 24 days ago â€ĸ 3 min read

On May 17, 2024, I had just gotten off my second break at work, I was approached by HR about how I said something in the backroom where I was back stocking merchandise earlier.

I had said "shoot to kill" to no-one in general, not knowing if anyone was listening. It was just something I said to myself about how I feel about fear-mongers and anything pro-Trump.

I apologized to the HR person about what I said and that I explained that I have a hard time shaking off the crap I hear about in the media when I am not working. I also hit my head on a shelf hard enough to bleed and leave a scar before I said. This may have contributed to why I said what I said.

Despite this event that I deeply regret doing and I have no desire to repeat, there is something about this that needs to be said.

I hate Donald Trump.

I wish him dead, and I don't think I am the only American who wishes this.

That's what I needed to say, and I simply do not care how people respond to my post.

I am scared of him so much, that it's his fault that I accidently said what I said at work, and it scared someone else.

I didn't want to scare anyone.

I am just terrified of him becoming President again, because who knows who he will encourage violence against.

He may decide to encourage violence against people with Asperger's like me.

That's why I am scared, and I hide my fear behind feeling of hatred and anger.

Hatred and anger towards politicians who could have chosen Nikki Haley or Chris Christie, two people who have better candidates for the Republican party. Instead, they choose a "man" who couldn't handle losing the last election and if elected in 2024 would burn down this country and destroy everything just to spite Joe Biden, a man who has more right to be President than Donald Trump would ever be.

Hatred and anger towards our nation's legal system, for not doing enough to prevent him from even running in the first place and are still not doing enough to prevent him from running again.

Hatred and anger towards his idiot supporters, who are willing to murder people even if he doesn't win, especially election judges (which I was one) and as I said about my Asperger's, people who don't fit "his narrative" of what "people" are.

With that being said I think I should now have you know that I have found a solution dealing with my anger.

1) I bought a course on Udemy in dealing with my anger called "Anger Management Release your anger Meditation Course". There are many other courses that do cover issues with Anger besides this one.

2) Go for days on end with going onto Facebook (unless I am posting my writings like this one, Quora questions or any recent accomplishments). For social media like that of Facebook may be the source of my issues.

3) Began creating a play-list on YouTube for gentle music (Traditional Chinese, Japanese, the kind of stuff you would listen to while meditating, doing yoga or Tai Chi).

4) While I am at work, listen to music on my device while reading a book or just relaxing with the music only.

There are so many other alternatives than going on to Facebook and losing my head over things I read about on there.

Even though I will hopefully have a better grip on anger, fear and hate down the line, one thing is for certain:

Donald Trump cannot be allowed anywhere near the White House ever again.

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About the Creator

Johann Hollar

I had attended Minnesota State University Mankato where I received my Bachelors in History with a Minor in Philosophy. I currently work at the Woodbury Village Target as a Stocker when I am not writing you all such interesting stories.

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