Johann Hollar

Other than being single and still living with his mom and sister, I have attended Minnesota State University Mankato where I received my Bachelors in History with a Minor in Philosophy.

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I Am Not Defective
11 days ago
For those of you have seen the South Park series, you will know this picture from the episode Up The Down Steroid where Cartman pretends to be mentally disabled to win a $1000 (which he fails of cours...
Video Game Ideas
17 days ago
Welcome back to the "Why Not Do These?" series. In this post I will be putting down my thoughts on sports-based video games ideas that should be considered.
After 'Endgame'
a month ago
Having been one of many people to see the movie, I am happy to say this has wrapped up this segment of Marvel movies. With that being said, what's next? I am aware of Dark Phoenix and Spider-man: Far ...
Video Game Ideas and Sequels
3 months ago
Welcome back to the "Why Not Do These?" series. The suggestion of this article is video games that should be tried and sequel ideas for games that already exist. Let's begin, shall we?
Ninjas Reappear
4 months ago
For those of you are familiar with the game For Honor you recognize this nameless Shinobi from the game For Honor. I post this article because I wish to address the need for video game ninjas to make ...
'Heroes of the Storm'
5 months ago
There are many characters from the Blizzard series that have made an appearance. There are also many characters that have not yet appeared. Since Overwatch is the only Blizzard game that I know well e...