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By Johann HollarPublished 6 days ago Updated 5 days ago 4 min read

Having lots of ideas running around in my head, I thought I should share some of them with you.

Just because you didn't succeed at something in life doesn't mean you have the right to discourage others from doing it.

Back in 1999 (16 years old back then) when I was starting my junior year of high school, I started doing the martial arts. I told my educator Brenda Foley (may the Devil take her soul) about how I started doing the martial arts the previous summer, but she then replied, "I didn't do so well in kickboxing".

I hated her for saying that and I still hate her for saying today.

The point: Just because you didn't do well at something, doesn't give you the right to discourage someone who wants to do the same thing.

Including having a 5th kyu in the Shotokan-Ryu style of Karate, I also have participated in two different shiai's and two tournaments. I have received three 3rd place medals altogether.

I have also practiced Taekwondo(?) which I got a brown belt in that, as well as Shaolin Kung-fu, a bit of Akido, Judo, along with Renaissance and Olympic styles of Fencing and some Southern Mantis Kung-Fu. I have bought many books on different styles of martial arts (aside from Shotokan-Ryu) as well as DVD/Bluray Documentries of the Martial Arts and I am currently researching other styles online (mostly Udemy).

So, suck on that Brenda Foley.

Instead of saying how much of a genius you are, why don't you prove it instead?

Genius my foot

You hear how much of a stable genius Trump is (he isn't).

Trump says he is a genius, yet has had multiple bankruptcy's, multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, having someone doing his SAT/ACT for him, never did any real schoolwork back in college and to top it off: screwing up the American nation like he did.

Then of course when he is asked a tough question, he either turns around and runs or spews a bunch of random nonsense.

He really can't prove that he has an intelligence.

The point: This is what happens when you give an education to those who don't appreciate it because they have money, rather than those who have little to no money, but have talent and an appreciation for a better education.

At least people of talent like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Mayim Bialik, Robert Reich, Brian May and legends like the artist forever known as Prince are the kind of people I consider a genius.

If you can't handle losing, then why bother to compete at all?

You lost, get over it.

A tragic sight that will never be forgotten and never forgiven.

I bring up this photo of the January 6th terror attack not to remind you of the tragedy of that day or express my contempt for it (see my Day of Shame, Time of Judgement piece). I am using this photo as the example of what the ultimate sore loser looks like.

I haven't won any medals since 2021 in any karate competitions or shiai's since then, but do I cause a scene?

No, I do not. Because if I did, I would be a sore loser, not to mention that I would not be honoring my name, my dojo, my devotion to Shotokan-ryu and to the spirit of Karate-Do as well as the martial arts in general.

I just learn something new and still show people that I am still passionate about the martial arts.

Stop finding things to hate on.

Proof that we need more Teachers not Preachers

This idiot seen here is Pastor Greg Locke, smashing a Barbie doll house with a baseball bat, that is wrapped with copies of the Bible around it.

This sad sack (like Ben Sharpio burning Barbie dolls) is another example of how people just have to hate on something and go to ridiculous lengths to prove how much they hate that something.

Then of course you have the White supremacists, Christian Nationalists, and other so called "people" in the world that just can't have an open mind.

I don't like Game of Thrones, Barbie, Five Nights at Freddy's, certain Horror films, or even go as far as banning books and attacking rainbows, but do I go to ridiculous lengths to prove how much I don't like it?

No, I do not.

I just remain indifferent to such things and only voice my opinions on them because why not? Everyone is entitled to their opinions, unless you force it upon them which them means you are not making an opinion, your just proving yourself to be a fascist.

I'd rather stick to hating things that make sense.

You stub your toe, you drop things (or things fall around you for some reason) you don't get a decent night's sleep or people behave like idiots on the road, etc. are but a few of examples of what I hate, but at least I am not attacking people who are different than me. I just am hating on things that I would think most people would dislike.

More to come


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I had attended Minnesota State University Mankato where I received my Bachelors in History with a Minor in Philosophy. I currently work at the Woodbury Village Target as a Stocker when I am not writing you all such interesting stories.

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  • Madison Leach4 days ago

    nice dofaaa!

  • Kendall Defoe 6 days ago

    Well said, sir!

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