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Happiness Or The Lack Thereof

Being Happier Is Simple

By Chua Yuan HengPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Happiness Or The Lack Thereof
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Are you happy? I am, but sometimes I am not. There is a profound difference between what is experienced as happiness, and what is experience as unhappiness. The difference comes as something of the feeling of elevation. As in happiness, the feeling of elevation is that of “as much as you could want, get, or have”. In order to get happiness, we have to reveal to ourselves, of the things that could bring us this sense of elevation, or those things that can lead to circumstances, conditions, or being that will finally brings us happiness. By pursuing these things, we can in order, get happiness. The lack thereof , came with the same manner, by having a lack thereof, of the things that could lead to happiness.

The pursuit of happiness, for many people, is extremely important. Though some may view it as just a pursuit of a fleeting feeling of satisfaction, many would continuously chase it in order to fuel their purpose. For example, a spacecraft engineer would continuously seek those things such as approvals, acclamations, and awards, in order to feel happy in his journey to fulfill his purpose as a spacecraft engineer. No spacecraft engineer will be bothered to venture beyond earth if he is as happy as ever to be grounded on earth.

Often times, our relationships with others also give us happiness. Sometimes, it is the other way round, which is unhappiness. In order to shed unhappiness, it is as easy as shedding things or people that gives us this sense of dread or unhappiness. Some people claim that they simply doesn’t need feelings to function. In other words, they are cold and hard hearted. All they need to have is everything working and going about. But this type of people, oftentimes, found out that in the end that they loathed everything that is supposed to give them satisfaction. For example, a businessman or businesswoman will never find that their eventual wealth as valuable as a great relationship with their families. Was it wealth or those things that wealth could buy, or those things that wealth could never buy, for example relationships, that matters, in the sense of being happy?

Are you happy? Would you ask yourself, Yes, or No? If yes, look around, is it memorable, all those things that makes you happy, for now and into the future. If no, what are those things that is lacking, that could bring you to a state of bliss, joy, and happiness? What you could do now, is to bring or remove these things accordingly, firstly in your mind, and to then bring them into your lives, through the manifestation from the works of your whole being. However, you may be wondering of how to bring and remove things from your lives. Actually it is very simple, all you have to do is consciously think and feel the want or doesn't want of things, conditions, circumstance, people, or anything you want to manifest or remove from your life.

How to go about this is quite straightforward, just say loudly and feel deeply of the things you want to be embedded into your spirit, which will manifest into your life physically, mentally, or through experiences. For example, if you like shopping, think thoughts such as "I love shopping", then your life will be filled with shopping. Otherwise, if you would hate cooking, then think and feel hatred for the act of cooking. Some people manifests so well that everything happens to bring or remove anything from their lives.

Work hard, work smart, work even harder, in the name of the pursuit of happiness. However, to bring more happiness into your life, simply work with the magic of the universe. Create more happiness or remove unhappiness intelligently.

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