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How Taking Notes Like Toddler is Helping My ADHD & Mental Health

Doodling my way to a better me.

By Nagoh Creative (Greg)Published about a month ago 3 min read
Notes by Author

I have been a terrible student for as long as I can remember. I struggled with just about every aspect of school lessons. My teachers thought I was lazy, and I thought I was stupid. I have a vivid memory of the third grade, as the girl next to me was breezing through the assignment while I struggled with completing the first line. She looked right at me and asked, “Are you stupid?” She was dead serious, and I was crushed.

There was a boy in my 4th-grade class who was a prodigy. He was a chess champion throughout Europe at a very young age. Schoolwork was simple; making friends for himself was difficult. One day, riding the bus home, I asked him the question, “How are you so smart?” and his answer was simple; “It’s in my genes.” he said. I looked right at his pants with a very puzzled look and said; “Really? What kind of jeans are you wearing?”. I think at this point he too realized that there was no hope for me.

Notes by Author

As I got older, I learned to adapt to my methods of how I applied myself to school work. As an adult now, I realize without a doubt I have a learning disorder, ranging from dyslexia to ADHD. Thankfully, I have been very blessed to learn a wide range of skills in IT, photography, and other areas that benefit from thinking outside the box.

In alcohol and mental health recovery, I get to attend a lot of sessions of healing and growth. Some of it is like going back to school again, and I need to learn how to do things again. I am also exposed to a wealth of information from fellow strugglers as they walk their walk too. So much wisdom comes from the fallen. I get to soak it up like a sponge. How do I absorb all of this amazing advice and lessons when taking notes is incredibly difficult? Most of the time, I am unable to read my writing as well as keep my attention and focus on all that is being said. A simple (SQUIRREL!) distraction can derail my focus quickly and easily.

Notes by Author

The answer for me was drawing or doodling as I took notes. This has been a huge breakthrough for me. As a child in school, this would never have been tolerated. Thankfully, as an adult, I am in more control of how I learn. I am finding that if I only write a few words down, enough to remember the point, but I draw something around those words, between those words and a part of those words, my notes evolve into something that sticks with me; it becomes art, and it becomes visual. I speak that language.

I am sharing some of my notes from the last few weeks in this article to show what they look like. I read and hear a lot of scripture in my recovery sessions. I love the comfort I find in God’s Word. I am learning to be more gentle with myself. I am taking my time to absorb what is being offered as sound and healthy advice. I no longer worry or rush to write down everything that is being said. I can go back and dig deeper with just a few words and a handful of doodles in between.

I would love to know what works for you. Do you have a unique way of taking notes? Please share! My way is not perfect, but the toddler in me loves it.

Author Note: Thanks for reading. My writing is a part of my healing process. I am a broken spirit, a fallen sinner, but I am a forgiven child of God. I share my vulnerable heart openly so I can grow and teach others from my lessons. Thank you for your support.

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About the Creator

Nagoh Creative (Greg)

Writer, Poet, Astronomer, Photographer & Encourager. I am on a road of life recovery and sharing my journey with words and art. Most importantly, I am a forgiven Child of God, Husband, Father, & friend. All work is my own, & God's Glory.

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  • Esala Gunathilakeabout a month ago

    Liked your work.

Nagoh Creative (Greg)Written by Nagoh Creative (Greg)

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