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Habits You Need Before Your Wedding (That Aren't a Diet!)

The wedding industry doesn't give you these hacks...

By Emily the Period RDPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Habits You Need Before Your Wedding (That Aren't a Diet!)
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If you’re like me, and you’re getting married (eek!), there’s a really good chance that you’ve felt the pressure to do and be a lot of big things in the planning process. An area that catches lots of engaged folks by surprise is the expectation to start “shredding for the wedding” or engage in weight loss practices in anticipation of the big day.


It makes sense that we feel the push to do so. Weddings are big life events, and depending on the size of your gathering, they might mean standing in front of a large group of people for a period of time and having your picture taken over and over again. And given that we’ve been taught to be ashamed or apologetic about our bodies, especially if they’ve gained weight, it would be only natural that we might gravitate towards dieting to feel more confident and more beautiful on the day.

I want to take a pause from nutrition-related content in this particular topic – not because there aren’t lots of things you can do nutritionally to feel well and ditch the diet mentality, banish body shame and love yourself at all your sizes. But because getting married is more than one big party – it's a big relationship transition, and there is lots of other preparation we definitely don’t talk about enough. Adulthood, ew.

There are a few habits you definitely need before your wedding, and none of them involve dieting.

1. Prioritizing your financial health. Throughout the course of planning a wedding, you may or may not be witness to the vast expenses that the wedding industry holds. I know I have had to talk myself down from panicking when I realized every deposit could not be paid for in the same month because my bills had to come first.

Throughout a marriage, you’ll likely come to experience situations where money is a concern – and having strong financial boundaries and health is important. Get critical of your spending, and what the goal of making purchases is. Consider what you invest in, and how it grows to care for you long-term.

2. Setting boundaries with your family and friends. A wedding planning process is a great way to draw lines in the sand about what’s most important to you. This skill is necessary throughout life – being able to let folks know when they’re welcome to show up at your house, the roles they might play with any children you have, and even the ways that you speak to each other. Having clear boundaries well before a wedding sets you up for success beyond the big day.

3. Communicating more confidently with your partner(s). This skill crosses so many areas of our life – expressing feelings, making decisions, parenting, intimacy and more. Learning to communicate more clearly for yourself and within a partnered relationship is critical to mental and physical health, and sets the stage for a healthy marriage.

4. Seeing self-care and self-maintenance as equally important. Planning a wedding is like a time and energy vacuum. Days will go by that you are so focused on the centerpieces and who you need to finish calling that you might realize you’ve forgotten to grab groceries this week, or book that car appointment. And when did you take a shower last?

Taking the time to care for ourselves, both for comfort and for general needs, is important for more than just preparing to look gorgeous on your wedding day. And letting our needed day to day maintenance tasks fall to wayside doesn’t get us any further ahead than we thought it would.

5. Practicing being present in the moment. Life is busy, and weddings are even busier. The day is over before you know it, and you’ve been so caught up in the rush that the pictures are both beautiful and sad. Spending time before your wedding really honing in on the skill of being present and cultivating mindfulness is a fantastic way to enjoy the little parts of our days, and maximize the fun you’ll have on your big one.

Getting married is a celebration – don't let the thrill of dieting take away your focus on the healthy habits you actually do need, for a healthy you and a healthy union!

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