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Best Fitness Trackers You Can Buy in 2018

The best fitness trackers all track steps and sleep. The question is, how much more do you want tracked?

Best Fitness Trackers You Can Buy in 2018

I've found someone who understands the reasons a sensitive dad is the father every son needs, gets the questions no dad should ask his stay-at-home-partner, and knows the things women are expected to do at work but shouldn't. His name is Devon Thomas.

It's gotten to the point that I spend almost all of my time with Devon, so I figure I better buy him one of the best fitness trackers so that all the walks we take together are folded into my fitness routine.

Fitness is one of the most important things in my life, and to share it with Devon means that he's coming to occupy a very significant position in my life. That's a big deal because I can be a little guarded, although I am working on being more open. I may be as fierce and ferocious as the biggest cats in the world, but even a lion or tiger could use a belly rub!

Using the best fitness trackers with Devon will help me open up. I just hope he can accept that I will never stop leaving decapitated mice on his doorstep because I'm a cat, and this cat you can never change. LORD KNOWS I CAN NEVER CHANGE!

This is one of the best fitness trackers because it's comfortable enough to wear all day, has a big screen, and monitors both your heart rate and sleep. For a lot of people that's all a fitness tracker is for, which is why this particular unit has over 16,000 reviews and is Amazon's current best seller. Sometimes the wisdom of the crowd is right!

The Fitbit Flex 2 is another one of the best fitness trackers given its affordability. It tracks your sleep, steps, and calories, and can even detect when you're switching between some types of exercises. That's good to know because when I'm with Devon we're often switching between types of exercises, if you know what I mean. I'm not actually comfortable with you knowing what I mean! DO NOT THINK ABOUT WHAT I MEAN! But you know what I mean. ;-)

The Garmin Vivosport has a long list of features that includes auto-activity detection with built in GPS, continuous heart-rate monitoring, and even stress-level detection. It can do all that with just one charge per week! Wow. This is one of the best fitness trackers for sure! I'd make a joke about how this fitness tracker is a preamble to our eventual robot overlords, but I think society will further dip into Children of Men instead. Sorry, Terminator fans, "It's in your nature to destroy yourselves." Hope you're doing the core exercises for soccer players because you're going to need a lot of endurance in that world!

The Apple Watch is one of the best fitness trackers because it lets you tap into Apple's powerful health app. It also comes with all the great features of the Apple Watch. But this is so much more than a fitness tracker! Any of these other trackers will suffice, but if you want everything that an Apple Watch can do then only an Apple Watch will do. Whoa. YOU BETTER SEND ME MONEY FOR THAT ONE, APPLE! I am sending that to myself certified registered mail!

The Gear Fit2 Pro has a large display that can only be described as beautiful. This device monitors your stress, which may be good for Devon because sometimes he gets too anxious or excited about how things are going between us. I tell him that I'm happy with our pace but he says he can't help it, although he insists he's working on it.

He says he's got relationship imposter syndrome; he has a hard time accepting that I like him. That's why a device like this is good because if you do some cardio it provides a respite from your current emotional state. A lot of people eat their feelings; I cardio my feelings! This may be one of the best fitness trackers, but it does have one big downside: it needs to be charged daily, a source of stress in and of itself.

The Moov Now is on the more affordable end of fitness trackers. It monitors steps and sleep and goes six months between charges, which makes it one of the best fitness trackers on the market. Its stylish design also makes it look more like a piece of jewelry than a fitness tracker.

At an affordable price, the Huawei Band 2 Pro is one of the best fitness trackers. It provides features usually found in more expensive models: Heart rate monitoring, GPS, VO2 max, and it goes 21 days between charges. Very impressive! Great for someone who wants to tackle a more demanding workout regimen without having a fitness tracker that's more demanding than the workout. TONE IT DOWN WITH THE FEATURES! Just do what's been working. That's as much a note for Devon as it is for fitness trackers.

Of all the best fitness trackers this is the one for people who are most serious about running. It better be if it's called a "running watch"! It tracks pace, distance, speed, and cadence. It also has a GPS, heart rate monitor, and tracks sleep/steps. It does all that while only requiring a charge every 20 days. Wow. If I did all that I'd need a charge a lot more often! Why else do you think I know the best drinking quotes of all time? I need a lot of recharging!

The Amazfit Bip may look like a smartwatch, but it's designed with fitness in mind. GPS, heart rate, and VO2 max monitoring, and much more with a software Amaxfit can proudly call its own. You'd be smart to watch the Bip. THE HITS KEEP COMING! I'm sending that one certified registered mail to myself as well. See, these are the sort of ideas I come up with while doing cardio. I wrote this whole list while doing cardio. That's how good at cardio I've become! You can do the same with the best fitness trackers, core exercises, and dedication.

The Nokia Steel is one of the best fitness trackers. It looks like a very stylish watch but it's actually a powerful fitness tracker that can sync with Nokia's smart scale and comes with Health Mate, a top-rated diet tracking app. And its battery life is eight months! The way all the different moving parts of the Nokia Health family work together is how I think a relationship should work too. All the different parts aren't in competition; they build on each other and work together toward a shared goal.

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