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Core Exercises for Soccer Players

Core exercises are core to a strong body because you're body is only as strong as your core.

By Chica ReyassPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

Most physical activities are easier to do with a strong core. Not only that, but without a strong core, you're more likely to get tired faster, develop injuries, and even end up with poor posture. That's why I do core exercises every other day. I know that working out makes me better equipped to be a teammate and a lifemate. I'm at that point where I want to be a great life partner as much as I want to be a great partner on the soccer field. Core exercises will help me get both.

Plank step-ups are great core exercises because they train more muscles at once and they make your triceps look toned. I assume the power pose a lot because I'm a confident woman. I've noticed that my triceps look extra good after I've conquered a task and doing plank step-ups has definitely played a part in that. I would look great standing on a mountain of slain soccer players, men, orcs, zombies, robots, etc. And I certainly slay; on the soccer field and off!

A stability ball is great for core exercises, especially ones targeting the obliques. Too many people forget the obliques and then they look underdeveloped when you take your shirt off. It's hard to not care about what you look like. That's why I'm looking for someone who will tell me I look good even after being red in the face from 45 minutes of uninterrupted soccer play, which is way easier to do when you've got a strong core from doing stomach exercises every other day.

See, I don't always feel like someone who can use the best tactical pens you didn't know you needed to puncture the throat of your enemies, even though I always have a tactical pen on me just in case a man's throat needs puncturing. And, yes, it's always men. Men start all the wars!

I don't just do one core workout; I do a variety to develop my core strength. This one has the added benefit of getting your shoulders to look good, so a lot of guys do it. Guys can suffer from the effects of unrealistic beauty ideals too, they're just not defined as much by their appearance as women are. That's why I'm looking for a guy who can empathize with that. An emotionally intelligent man who knows the reasons a sensitive dad is the father every son needs and knows the questions no dad should ask his stay-at-home partner.

These stability ball v-up transfers are some of the best core exercises. They're also a great way to see how comfortable people are in physically vulnerable positions. Turtles should be working on core strength all the time because they're dunzo on their backs like this. Are you a turtle on your back or are you a fierce cat, ready to leap and claw at any attacker?! I'm a cat. I toy with my opponents on the soccer field like a feline toys with a mouse, and then I rip off their heads and leave their discarded bodies on the doorsteps of my beloved teammates. That's because gift giving is one of my love languages!

Lateral V-Ups are some of the best core exercises you can do. They hit a lot of your core muscles and they're also an impressive ab workout to see in action. A lot of the women in my rec soccer league work out in the same gym, often at the same time, so when I do intense exercises like this I'm engaging in psychological warfare. They know that when they meet me out on the field they're going to be deal with someone who can do core exercises that they can't do. Forget Bend it like Beckham; bend it like Chica doing Lateral V-Ups!

I do a lot of exercises with the cable rope because I can just claim the area as my own for a long time. This is one of the more intense core exercises you can do. I've never even seen anyone other than me doing this. When I'm doing these exercises I see a lot of dudes come up and do their pull-ups too fast. IT DOESN'T COUNT AS A PULL UP IF MOMENTUM IS DOING MOST OF THE WORK! I do these mindfully so I can feel the exercise moment to moment. I say, "Thank you," to the pain. Namaste.

Since using a BOSU ball means practicing your balance, these mountain climbers are really good core exercises for your stabilizer muscles. Balance is important in soccer because when you're trying to juke someone out you don't want to trip over your own feet as you're driving the ball down the field.

This is one of the best core exercises because it's built on a plank foundation. You can tell how good an exercise it is based on how hard it is for you to do. This one was challenging at first but now is more about maintenance. I do it on days I'm too tired for other exercises, or in my home, if I don't feel like heading to the gym. You can even do these in the bathroom of your office, which I've been known to do if I'm feeling stressed and want some relief. Some people eat their feelings. I stomach crunch my feelings!

These landmine hollow holds are the core exercise that are kicking my butt right now. But I'm not one to back down from a physical challenge. I have faith in the process. That's how I'm able to keep moving through an entire game. Through repetition and being open to both failure and growth, I will accomplish my goal. I used to get tired during my early games, but now I'm moving non-stop. Core exercises helped with that for sure! And now I'm taking the same approach to finding a partner. I won't even realize I've found one until after I have, just like I realize I've mastered an exercise only after I've done it. I'm just waiting for that time to come.

A side plank is one of the best core exercises you can do. And a side plank with leg lifts is even better! This is the sort of work out you do if you want an Arnold Schwartzenegger in Terminator 2 type of body. A, "Come with me if you want to live," style work out. An, "Hasta la vista, baby" experience for your love handles. A total, "It's in your nature to destroy yourselves," for your obliques. Terminator 2 has a lot of depth to it! And thanks to all these core exercises Judgement Day is always averted. MY SOCCER TEAM IS THE BEST IN THE LEAGUE!

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