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What to get him for Valentine's Day

Valentine's day gift ideas for men

By Queen anonymous Published about a year ago 5 min read
What to get him for Valentine's Day
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You don't know what to get him for Valentine's Day?! Oh no! You don't even know what he likes? Don't worry sweetie, I have all the answers and ideas for you.

I'm going to list different ideas on here, with specifications since everybody is different, and may like different things. It also depends on the situation, you may be married, boyfriend/girlfriend, or just dating. I will Clarify based on the relationship which ones fit best, but at the end of this you can make your own choices.

I mean take him out to eat at a nice restaurant with reservations, or to his favorite place. This one is great for someone who has a husband, or in long term relationship. He already courted you I'm guessing, and he knows you well so it's safe for the long relationships. It won't make him feel less masculine.

Make him something to eat:

You can make him a sweet treat, like brownies, cake pops, baklava, a pie, cookies, etc. Guys love home made things, especially from their sweet someone. It shows that you put in some effort, and that you were thinking of them. It's also a small thing to give that he is going to enjoy, and it's simple and sweet. This one is recommended for new relationships, or someone you just started dating, you can still use this for your husband. It's one of the most versatile gifts.

Buy him a massage:

Book a couples massage. This is best for the married couples and long-term relationships. It's one of the most vulnerable and intimate gifts. You are already very comfortable with each other, and this may lead to a very intimate night for both of you. He is going to feel so good; men work very hard every day and they do so much for us, this is going to take some stress of his shoulders, and his mind away from work. He will be so grateful for it, and it can spice things up in the bedroom.

Give him a massage yourself:

If you are very comfortable with him, and you want to take it to the next level you can use this one. Technically this one is for all types of relationships if you are comfortable sleeping with him. Although I do suggest that if you just met the guy or it's a new relationship and you want him to stick around, this may not be a good idea. There are other options that are more boundary safe. He is going to like this gift a lot and it will turn him on. You can even throw on some lingerie to make it hot, and use oils, or creams, light some candles, and put on some music. Trust me it's going to be a good night for both of you. Obviously, you're going to want to do this at night when the day is over.

Make him dinner:

Everyone appreciates a nice home cooked meal, and like they say "the best way to a man's heart is through his belly". Get some wine or champaign to add some romance, and set up the room with candles, you can even add dessert. Dress up, and smell good, make sure the tv is not on. You can do a little bit of music in the background and sit close to him, or across the table if you have a long table. You can also put on lingerie and sit for dinner like that, it's going to get his mind wondering and it's going to make things interesting, and exciting. It's going to be a night full of sparks and trust me he will be very grateful. This one is for married couples and long-term relationships.

Take him on a hike:

If he is very outdoors, he is really going to like this one. Even better if you find a waterfall where you guys can take a swim. Don't forget to bring cute snacks, and your swimsuit, or not! Make sure it's with someone you trust, because you may be alone the entire time. It may turn into a very spiritual experience.

Go on a picnic:

This one is so cute and you can do this with anyone. Watch the sunset together and eat something yummy. Bring a blanket and pillows to sit on. Also, bring something to drink like a wine or Champaign, and some fruit, maybe even chocolate covered. You can watch something on your phone or a laptop. Hug him and make him feel like the moment is for eternity.

Write him a love letter:

The simplest things are sometimes the better ones. Write with your heart and let him know how you really feel. Remember to kiss the paper or the envelope. You can also add a gift card if you want to. If you just guys just started your connection and you haven't expressed how you feel to him this may be the best time to do so, and a great strategy. He will feel your opening your heart to him, just be careful and make sure he is the right person for you.


If he likes beer, take him to a local brewery for a few drinks, or buy them for him to bring to him. You can get some craft beers at local breweries as well and hand pick them for him. You can do this for anyone as long as they really like beer. It's simple, easy, and enjoyable.

It's so exciting to be in love and it's such a beautiful moment when you celebrate this time with your partner. I hope you got some ideas from this, and I wish you a really good Valentine's Day.

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