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Ideas for Being Romantic

Relationship With a Girl

By Biswajit DeyPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Ideas for Being Romantic
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If you want to ask a girl out on a date, you should

approach her with some style and romance. The advice in

this Articles will help you to bring out the romantic side of

your personality.


 Don’t be Afraid to Show your Feminine Side

or Caring Nature

 Believe in Yourself

 Sit Down and Make a List

 Make the First Move

 Communications

 Be There for Her when She Needs You

 Make Sure She Notices You

Having a girl as a friend is one thing; it is the moving on to

a romantic relationship that can be the difficult part.

Making a smooth transition will be easy if you approach it

in the right way. What you say, and the way you behave,

when you ask a girl out, can be the key to your success or

your failure.

By Michael Dam on Unsplash

Don’t be Afraid to Show your Feminine Side or

Caring Nature

If you are really interested in a girl, you need to let her

know. That often means toning down your ‘macho’

attitude and behavior and letting her see you have a softer

and more caring nature. If you come across as having too

much testosterone, you risk frightening or turning the girl

off, and she will make excuses not to go out with you.

Many of the male populations are reluctant to admit that

they have a feminine side, especially in front of other

males. However, the best way to get the girl to go out on a

date is to show her you do have a sensitive and caring

nature. If you do this, and she continues to turn you

down, then you should forget her and find another girl to

ask out.

By Svyatoslav Romanov on Unsplash

Believe in Yourself

You may not be the most attractive male on the planet, but

you may not be the ugliest. You need to be strong in the

belief that you do have something to offer a girl. However,

you do need to find the right balance between being self confident or being over-bearing, if you want to be

successful in attracting the girl.

If like most males starting out on the dating game, you

think you don’t have a romantic bone in your body, you

may be surprised. Following a few simple steps can

introduce you to your romantic side.

By Sabesh Photography on Unsplash

Sit Down and Make a List

If you are not good at remembering things, you can write

them down in a list. Girls are well impressed if you

remember their birthday, or special occasions such as

anniversaries, without having to be reminded. The

minimum you should do is send her a card, but you will

gain a lot more brownie points if you send flowers,

chocolates or take her out for a nice meal to celebrate.

You can also use your list to make a note of her likes and

dislikes such as does she have a favorite perfume, what is

her favorite color and so on? It will save you a whole lot of

grief if you choose something she really likes as a gift for

those special occasions.

By Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Make the First Move

Knowing when your relationship with a girl is ready to

move on to the next stage can be tricky. As many girls will

be reluctant to take the initiative, it is up to you to make

the first move. If you over-step the mark, by being too

passionate too quickly, you can destroy the relationship.

You need to start off by saying goodbye with a wave or a

casual kiss on the cheek. You can hold hands while

walking, or while sitting in the cinema. The more you get

to know her the easier you will find it is to read the signs.

She will let you know when she is ready to progress the


By Bailey Burton on Unsplash


Communication plays a very important part in any

relationship. It is an excellent tool that provides the

opportunity for the couple to find out what makes each

other tick. The conversations should be natural and

should be geared as much to listen and learning, as they

are about talking. Initially, the girl may appear to be shy

or unwilling to talk about herself, talking about interests

or hobbies you have in common will help her to relax.

You can try to draw her out by asking questions. However,

you should take care that you don’t make her feel like she

is being interrogated.

By Camila Damásio on Unsplash

Be There for Her When She Needs You

If your girl is upset for any reason, or just feels unwell, you

need to bring out your caring side and be there for her.

You may not be able to do anything to cure a physical

ailment, but you can provide emotional support. Just by

being there and listening shows that you really care and

that can help to improve her emotional state.

By Jayson Hinrichsen on Unsplash

Make Sure She Notices You

There is little point in you wasting your time and energy

putting on a show for a girl, is she doesn’t even know you

are there. You need to make sure your actions involve

something she is interested in and ask her to get involved

or to give you her opinion on what you intend doing.

Unfortunately for some, that does mean you need to talk

to her and get to know her first, before trying to impress.

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