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Five Rules for Asking a Girl Out

Relationship with A Girl

By Biswajit DeyPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Five Rules for Asking a Girl Out
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In this Articles I am going to tell you the five golden rules

that you should use when you ask a girl out.


 Do Not Call Her Immediately

 Do Not Ask Her for a Date Straight Away

 Make Your Date More Fun than Stress

 Just Tell Her Your Plans Instead Of Asking


 Convince Your Girl

It can be quite nerve racking to decide on the best way to

ask a girl out. You need to consider a number of things,

but these are the five rules you should always remember.

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Do Not Call Her Immediately

Once you have your hands on the girl’s phone number,

don’t call her straight away. If you appear too eager, she

may think you are pressurizing her, and she may be put off

you altogether.

Give her time to get used to the idea that you will be

phoning her, but don’t leave it too long or someone else

may beat you to it. Usually, waiting for twenty-four to

forty-eight hours is best.

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Do Not Ask Her for a Date Straight Away

When you do get around to phoning, don’t just jump into

asking her out on a date. Spend some time chatting about

life in general, or a topic that interests you both. If your

instincts are telling you that you need to get to know each

other a bit better before dating, arrange to meet for coffee

or a lunch just as friends.

Alternatively, if you are arranging any type of group get

together, you tell her she is welcome to come along. That

way, you are not actually inviting her on a date, but it gives

you the opportunity to get to know her better if she does


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Make Your Date More Fun than Stress

Some people can make such a big deal out of their first

date, they forget to have fun. Your girl will be much more

impressed if you are relaxed and can show her that you are

enjoying her company and whatever it is you are doing.

If you are stressing out about making sure the date is a

success, you are likely to be trying too hard and that

doesn’t create a good impression and can be just as bad as

being over-confident and blasé about the situation.

When choosing a venue or activity for your first date stick

to something within your comfort zone. You will have

enough nervous energy to contend with, without having

the stress that comes from dealing with a new

environment or activity at the same time.

By Nora Hutton on Unsplash

Just Tell Her Your Plans Instead Of Asking Her

It is very easy to get it wrong when you are choosing what

to do and where to go on a first date. Someone has to take

the initiative, and that should be you. Have some ideas in

mind of what you would like to do, but tell your date what

you're thinking about. Providing she does not object or

make alternative suggestions, you should go ahead and

make the arrangements.

If your suggestions do not meet with your girl’s approval,

ask her what she would like to do instead. You may both

need to compromise to find something you both want to


Depending on how well you have gotten to know each

other, it will improve your chances of arranging dates that

will meet with her approval. You will soon learn whether

she is happy to let you go ahead with arrangements for

your dates without first consulting her.

Many girls these days expect an equal say in the decisions,

and if they don’t get it, they may perceive you as being

domineering and controlling. On the other hand, there

are still a few girls around who are happy to leave all the

decisions to you.

By JC Gellidon on Unsplash

Convince Your Girl

Your first date gives you the opportunity to gather

information about your girl and decide if you are likely to

be compatible if you continue dating. Just as she is

examining you and forming an opinion, you need to do the

same with her personality. If you find that your opinions

are conflicting about the small unimportant things, then

you may have serious differences when it comes to the

important life decisions. Compromising may not be an

option unless both parties are willing.

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