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By CadmaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

A true Queen will adjust another Queen’s crown. Women who pick up other women in adversity, in question, in fear, in jealousy; even if you dislike a woman or disagree with her there is no need to tear another woman down. In a world where women have been subjected to the world of men, at the hands of men, at the look down upon by men; it can be hauntingly concerning and scary. It is not easy being a woman. It is not easy being a man either but both of us suffer at the hands of other men’s decisions and desires.

There are women who have internalized their local misogyny and act upon it freely and quickly. The women who have not internalized the misogyny and teach their young and other women how to be successful in a hesitant world; are the absolute Goddesses this world needs. Those goddesses do not have to reach maturity to obtain their “powers”; they can easily be a child who is observing and learning about the world around them.

Growing up I felt alone in my ideologies of helping another woman or girl rather, when you were outnumbered, told you can’t do something because of your gender, being subconsciously taught anything associated to “girl” or “women was considered weak or bad, told you can’t comprehend something because of your gender, told you can’t be taught something because of your gender, being isolated because of your gender, having your needs ignored because of your gender; having to watch men like a loaded gun because of your gender.

It was the sixth grade and a young girl who was very straightforward and blatantly did not like me; her name was Dejanelle and she was called DJ for short. She had a group of friends who did whatever she wanted to do; she was their leader. However, one day without provocation she walked up to me and said she did not like me; I had no clue because we never spoke. Her group was enthralled by the idea of her disliking someone and their response was to appease whatever gods they could and wanted to indulge themselves in local bullying; Dejanelle loudly verbalized how much she disagreed in doing so. I always left her alone and she left me alone. We only interacted if we had to for school; there was a mutual understanding and respect for each other even though she did not like me as a person. One day there was a school project for a science class, it was my turn to speak in front of the class. I was embarrassed of my project because I was waiting for my father to help me with the project; which did not happen. My mother is not much of a science person so she found whatever science project idea she could. I was so upset because I could not do the science project that I wanted to do for class. My school project was on static electricity and showing how it makes the hair stand up and using a sweater and balloon. I was angry, upset, disappointed, frustrated and honestly I did not want to do the project at all. My teacher asked each presenter to stand in front of the class and talk about their project and the class was talking loudly during my presentation which I was fine with because I wasn’t happy with my project. My teacher had no control over the class and I really wanted to sit down and get my grade. Dejanelle after what seemed like barely a few minutes and clapped her hands loudly and told the class to be quiet because she wanted to learn about what I was saying. Silence fell over the room of rowdy students and I was at a loss of words; the girl who disliked me truly has respect for human beings even if she doesn’t like them. She adjusted my sloppy crown.

Dejanelle changed everything. I knew I was not alone in my ideologies. It was thrilling and exciting. Since that day, everyone has been held to that standard without excuse or exception. As I aged and matured I found there were other Queens like herself who would adjust another Queen’s crown; and those are the women I live for and strive to always be. Those Queens are the women I’ve come to work with, fight for and my most dearest friends. This is a cheer to the Queens I have adored, have come to adore and will adore in the future. In a world that will tear you down, adjust each other’s crown and stand together.

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  • Rafael Tavares Jr.2 months ago

    It’s always good when we support each other. We rise best when we all rise together.

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