Skylar Rose Pridgeon

I am a 21 year old transgender writer interested in politics, poetry and human relationships/sexuality. I do freelance journalistic work and am a journalism student at UEL.

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Child Exploitation in London: Why Are the Met Failing?
2 years ago
It's nearing Christmas and I'm sat in a lecture room at University being given my next assignment. I have to investigate something and write a feature about what I find. I decided to investigate child...
2 years ago
September 2017 seems worlds away now. I was discharged from the mental health services up in Yorkshire and moving my stuff back down South to London. I was in a good place. I'd completed therapy and, ...
Should Self Identification Replace Gender Recognition Certificates?
2 years ago
I'm in quite a unique position to write this piece; as both a transgender woman and a budding journalist, I'm seeing two sides to a heated debate—and I'm seeing the reasonable points of both sides. Lo...
Borderline Personality Disorder: What They Don't Tell You
2 years ago
Being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD) was both a relief and a living nightmare for me. On the one hand, I knew I had most of the symptoms of the mental illness, and it explained a...
Transgender Mental Health
2 years ago
If I had a pound for each time I heard phrases such as, "Transgender is a mental illness" I'd be quite the rich woman by now. It's needless to say that being transgender is not a mental illness—but tr...
Learning to Love Again
2 years ago
Love - that one emotion that nobody truly understands. Sometimes it feels like the most amazing thing on earth, and others it feels like your heart is being stabbed by a thousand knives. It's a compli...