The Art of the Fantasy

Discovering Your Sexual Ideals in a World that Doesn't Want to Know

The Art of the Fantasy

We all have that one fantasy we wouldn't dare speak of. It's someone we dream of fucking over a desk. It's the risk of doing something in public. It's the wanting to be humiliated and degraded. It's the wanting to do something so risky, and so messed up, that it could ruin everything for us. My point is, we all have at least one fantasy in our heads that we desperately want to give a try but dare not even mention it.

Let me ask you a question: who's the weirdest person you'd like to have in your bed for a whole night just, to see what happens? Mine would have to be Alan Carr; he may be gay, but there's just something adorably charming about him (please don't tell anyone I said that). Everyone has that one person they'd just love to toss and fool around with, even if that person is a little strange to everyone else. These are our fantasies. They're the fantasies we rarely tell people unless we're drunk or feeling particularly outrageous.

Their are many fantasies out there—so many that there's something for everyone. From skin cutting to public humiliation. From whipping to that world leader you'd just love to bang. Fantasies are like an art form. They come in many shapes and sizes, and there's something to appeal to you no matter what your taste. Just imagine a large canvas where everyone paints a small picture of their biggest fantasy they'd like to try out—or a symbol to represent it. Wouldn't that just be so beautiful and eye opening? Actually, I may have to try doing that sometime.

We all want that Fifty Shades of Grey moment at least once in our lives. We all want to be made to feel sexy and worth fulfilling a fantasy with. But why is it such a taboo subject for us? Religious views and societal norms/pressures have told us for centuries that sexual fantasies should never be acted upon and, if they are, they should never be spoken of. I disagree with the way we're made to feel about our fantasies. We're often made to feel as though we should be embarrassed or ashamed of what we desire most sexually. We're made to feel as though we're sinners and perverts and just outright creeps. But let me tell you this: you don't choose the fantasy, the fantasy chooses you!

We have no control over what turns us on and turns our bodies into a quivering mess. Our getting wet at a certain thought or feeling stiff down below can't just be switched off because some people find it a little weird what we're fantasizing about.

Too many people settle for masturbating over their thoughts, when they could be out there trying this stuff out for real. Too many people settle for keeping their fantasies a dirty little secret when, really, we should all be out and proud about what we truly desire.

So, my challenge to you: be proud of what turns you on! Go and tell your partners what you want to try out in the bedroom; after all, the worst that can happen is they'll say hell to the no, and that will be that! I challenge you to experiment with your bodies and sexuality, and to get out there and do what you've been dreaming of for so long—unless it's fuck a celebrity... that may be a bit unattainable. Expectations should be realistic! Unless you try role play, of course.

Whatever your fantasy may be, just tell someone you love and trust about it. Who knows, you may be doing it for real this time tomorrow! Our bodies are our ships that guide us through this world, and they need proper love and maintenance. Our bodies know what they want from pleasure, and it's our duty to give them what they want. Nobody wants an average climax; we all seek that life changing climax that can never be replicated. Maybe fulfilling a fantasy can give you just that.

By doing this and being proud of what makes us uniquely ourselves, maybe we can start breaking down those barriers and taboos in society. Maybe we can create a world that accepts us all for who we are and what turns us on the most. Maybe, just maybe, it will be a more tolerant and open society that caters to all within it.

How does it work?
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Skylar Rose Pridgeon

I am a 21 year old transgender writer interested in politics, poetry and human relationships/sexuality. I do freelance journalistic work and am a journalism student at UEL.

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