Leigh Victoria Fisher

I'm from Neptune. No, not the farthest planet from the sun, but from Neptune, New Jersey. I'm a writer, poet, blogger, and an Oxford comma enthusiast.

Here's How Shirley Temples Became so Popular
9 days ago
Shirley Temple is a very well-known actress, and her name continues to be remembered for her accomplishments on the big screen and in politics. Temple was born on April 23rd, 1928 and starred in class...
The 10 Best Written Video Games of All Time
3 months ago
For me, the story is the most important element of the game. Having fun combat and overall enjoyable gameplay is also key, but whenever someone asks me what I think about first, it's always going to b...
The 12 Best Cookbooks for Busy Couples
5 months ago
It's incredibly hard to make time to cook when you both work full time. Whether you just moved into together or you've been living together for what feels like a century, cooking on weeknights is alwa...
12 Unique Flower Girl Baskets
5 months ago
When you're planning your wedding, you want it to be a big day for you and your partner. Everything about the wedding should reflect both of you, the things you like, and the things that make you both...
How to Make Perfect Camp Coffee
5 months ago
Whether you're doing a short camping trip or going on a long backpacking trip, there's one oft-forgotten necessity that you don't want to forget. Coffee. It's essential, trust me. Even if you aren't a...
10 Affordable Online Wedding Invitations We Absolutely Love
5 months ago
If you're on the fence about sending out your wedding invitations online, I've got to argue in favor of walking the digital road. You can save a ton of money with digital invitations and they're bette...