10 Affordable Online Wedding Invitations We Absolutely Love

Affordable online wedding invitations are not only better for the green in the environment, but they're also better for the green in your wallet!

10 Affordable Online Wedding Invitations We Absolutely Love

If you're on the fence about sending out your wedding invitations online, I've got to argue in favor of walking the digital road. You can save a ton of money with digital invitations and they're better for the environment to boot. If you want to have your special day without cutting down a bunch of trees to make it happen, you can make custom invites online and have them go straight to your guests' inboxes.

There are so many choices to make when planning a wedding and one of the first ones will be the invitations. After all, for a big event, it needs to get on peoples' calendars well in advance. If you want beautiful invitations that aren't going to cost you an arm and a leg, going for affordable online wedding invitations is the perfect option. Most services will track RSVPs for you, which is a great perk that paper invitations could never give you. Why keep track of responses manually and make tons of lists when a website can do it for you?

1. Paperless Post

Incredibly easy to customize, Paperless Post offers some fantastic options that allow you to have the best of both worlds. It might seem ironic given their name, but you can do a mix of paper and paperless invitations from Paperless Post. If all of your friends are all over digital wedding invites, but your dear old granny wants a paper copy, you can print a few of the very same invitations you send out digitally.

If you need to send a few hard copies, Paperless Post can mail them out directly to your recipients, or send them to you. If you want to write a little note before you seal and send them, this is a perfect compromise between modern and digital. They also can send reminders to your guests, and will notify you if anyone changes their attending status and sends their regrets.

If you want something to aid with your party planning, Punchbowl has a nice array of free options for your wedding invitations. Free is always a good price, right? The invitations will be an earlier part of your wedding planning, but don't overspend just because all the bills haven't stacked up yet.

With Punchbowl's plus version, you can also upload your own photos to make your invitations a little more personal and focused on you. You can start out with a trial to give their services a whirl before you commit. Getting married may be all about commitment, but trying out different wedding invitation services doesn't need to be. After all, you should be thinking about how to make wedding preparations pleasant, not a stressful ordeal. Trials are great since you don't need to get stuck with a service if they don't have the perfect design for you.

3. Evite

Evite offers a mix of paid and free templates, which is perfect if you're in need of cheap wedding invitations online. If you're stuck on what to choose for your invitation design, Evite will provide recommendations. If you really need to save money for your honeymoon, going for the free options is a great way to do it. After all, the wedding is going to be fantastic, but the honeymoon has to be pretty great, too!

If you're wondering why traditional paper wedding invitations are so expensive, it's partly because things like high-quality paper in large quantities and postage for one hundred or more envelopes adds up fast! Getting online wedding invitations immediately cuts out a lot of the cost.

Cheap wedding invitations can still be beautiful. If you go with Greenvelope, you've got nothing to worry about because your finished invitation won't look cheap at all. As the name implies, Greenvelope is very committed to seeing more things be digitized while staying beautiful. They have partnerships with Mountains to Sound, the National Park Foundation, and 1 percent for the Planet.

They don't have free options, but they're quite affordable, and you can explore their design choices by starting a trial. They've also got your back with RSVP tracking, taking that whole step off of your plate.

If you're doing destination wedding invitations and really need to pinch every penny you can for your venue and travel costs, using a free option like Wedivite might be perfect for you. They have an array of customization options and there's no better way to lure people to your destination than to show off gorgeous pictures of it.

Wedivite also has a nice array of free options, so if you want to get RSVP cards done as well, they'll make it easy for you to do everything at no cost. It's always nice to have free options when you want affordable online wedding invitations. They also have premium services and mobile options if you do want to spend a little and go crazy.

6. Zola

As it gets closer to your big day, people are going to ask you a lot of questions about little details that you've probably already communicated several times already. In addition to digital wedding invites, to make things a little bit easier and have one centralized source of information, Zola lets you build a free wedding website when you purchase invitations from them. Their prices are reasonable and come with the added bonus of the website.

Having a wedding website is both a digital memento of your special day and a handy resource for guests. If your wedding is taking place in different locations—such as having your ceremony in one spot then your reception in another—it can be handy to have all the information your guests need online. Paper invitations get misplaced, digital invitations can get buried in email, but an adorable wedding website with an easy to recall URL is very handy for both you and your guests.

7. Glö

Are you now hooked on that idea of having a wedding website to go with your digital invitations? Glö has it all: Email wedding invitations, wedding websites, online RSVP tracking, and lots of choices for you to be self-expressive.

If you want a wedding website, it'll save you a lot of time and trouble to choose one of the services that offer both invitations and the website together. It's easier to have everything all in one place and it'll probably save you a few bucks.

8. Riley & Grey

Riley & Grey is all about making things look beautiful and classy. Like the last two, they offer both wedding websites and digital invitations.

When choosing from their designs and customizing them to your personal taste, they give you a starting point to take out the headaches of trying to do both an invitation and a website—and making them match! That's no easy feat. Fortunately, with their templates, making things match is easy, and you'll have enough flexibility to create something unique.

9. Adobe Spark

This one might be surprising! Generally, when you hear Adobe, you think of either that handy program that opens PDF files on your computer or complicated design software. Regardless of those connotations, Adobe Spark is a new creation from the team behind Creative Cloud, and it lets anyone jump in and customize beautiful, professional templates.

They've made wedding planning a little bit easier with the ample designs you can use for free. Once you're done, you can download your invitation to send out via email and you'll also have the flexibility to print out as many as you like.

10. Digital DIY

This might sound a little crazy, but websites that make design easy like Canva make it very possible to design your own wedding invitation based on their templates. There are a lot of different invitation designs to choose from and even some subcategories in the wedding category, such as beach weddings.

If you're going to do the whole shebang with a save the date card followed by a formal wedding invitation, this could be a great way to get both done very affordably.

If you do make your invitation on Canva, you will need to email it out yourself. While this is a little more legwork than the other options, which can automate this part for you, if you're doing a budget wedding then you don't have to pay a penny to use Canva. Plus, if you do take this route, you should absolutely try wedding planning apps that can help you with guest lists and more.

There are a lot of different ways to create affordable online wedding invitations and many options to choose from. If you have a vision for how you want your invitation to look, browse around these websites and you're very likely to find the custom invites of your dreams.

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