Brad Gould

I’m a sports nerd that has multiple fantasy teams in every sport. If you want to know who won the championship in any major sport in any year you’ve come to the right place.

The 10 Best Soccer Balls for Beginners
12 days ago
The wrong ball can make your first day at soccer practice ten times harder. Learning to play soccer is a fantastic pursuit, but it's never easy to learn to play a new game. It's important to put yours...
How Soccer Cleats Should Fit
17 days ago
Your soccer cleats should fit like a natural extension of your feet. With your feet being your most valuable asset on the field, you'll want to be sure they are comfortable, secure, and even safe. Wea...
Best Soccer Balls for Training
21 days ago
Soccer, like any sport, has gone through an evolution over the years. The game has become faster, as have the players, and the soccer ball itself has evolved as well. The best soccer balls for trainin...
Are We Becoming a Cashless Society?
a month ago
Although cryptocurrency was first launched in the 1980s without success (and then again in the 1990s), it has become quite acceptable in recent years. Since that time, the digital world has exploded i...
Best Laceless Soccer Cleats Available Right Now
4 months ago
About three years ago, Adidas took the game in the soccer cleats industry to the next level with the launch of the world’s first laceless cleats called ACE 16+ PureControl. At the time of the launch, ...
10 Traits Military Recruiters Look for in Potential Soldiers
4 months ago
So you may want to join the military? Bravery, courage, hard work, and selflessness are just some character traits that you can expect military recruiters to look for when they are assessing whether o...