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The 10 Best Soccer Balls for Beginners

by Brad Gould 2 years ago in product review

Choose the best soccer balls for beginners to teach new players the fundamentals of the game.

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The wrong ball can make your first day at soccer practice ten times harder. Learning to play soccer is a fantastic pursuit, but it's never easy to learn to play a new game. It's important to put yourself in the best position to succeed.

When you first learn the game, balls for beginners are essential. They're designed to teach small or inexperienced players how to kick and control the ball, how to trust their follow through, and how to play hard.

It's critical to pick out a soccer ball that promises durability, longevity, and excellent performance. This is why you need to ensure choosing one of the best soccer balls for beginners.

Nike knows that soccer balls for beginners aren't quite the same as soccer balls for more experienced players. The brand's Pitch Training Ball is available in a rainbow of colors, which might not seem like a notable feature, but the color combinations and designs are made to provide sharper visual acuity, making it easier to track the ball while it's in play.

Nike's training balls are durable as well. Everything about their construction is meant to last, from the smooth casing to the impact diffusion, which is identical across the 12 panels of the ball. There's a rubber bladder inside the soccer ball to improve its ability to retain air, as well as its shape.

Adidas has one of the best soccer balls for beginners who are serious about the game. You can choose the size, weight, and color with this ball. As a player grows and gains experience, you can move up to the next ball. Size 1 is a mini ball. Size 2 is perfect for children younger than 8, while a size 4 works for children between 8-12. Size 5 is best for players over 12; it's the official size of the standard soccer ball.

Rest assured, however, that you won't have to replace this soccer ball because it becomes worn out or loses shape. The exterior features a TPU material that stands up to abrasion, ensuring that the ball lasts longer. Inside, a Butyl bladder ensures that the ball remains inflated.

Wilson offers an affordable, durable, and serviceable ball for beginners. The cover is synthetic leather, which increases its durability without impeding the player's ability to make contact with the ball. Inside, a Butyl bladder helps the ball to maintain its shape. It also prevents the ball from losing air as quickly, so there's no need to pump it up all the time.

Wilson is one of soccer's most beloved brands. There are even good arguments for why Wilson's traditional soccer ball is the only ball you'll ever need to purchase.

Adidas hit it out of the park with their MLS collection. The training ball is available in four eye-catching designs that can make any soccer player feel like a superstar. The surface features TSBE technology. It's seamless and thermally bonded, which gives the player more control over the trajectory of the ball.

The technology also improves touch while decreasing the water uptake. It meets FIFA standards and it's NFHS certified. You also have the option to choose different sizes depending on the age of the player. Versatility is a shared trait among the best soccer balls for beginners. Anyone can play soccer, but small feet can't control a standard-size ball.

The fact that Senda's Rio ball is fairtrade certified helps to make it one of the best soccer balls for beginners. Fairtrade is always best. However, the Rio is an exceptional ball, as well. It has low-bounce resistance, and its foam backing promises a softer touch when you kick the ball. If you're a beginner, it's important to take care of your feet and be aware of a soccer player's guidelines for foot care. Spending many hours kicking the ball can cause issues, though the softer touch of this ball's foam backing is meant to help.

A bladder allows the Rio to maintain its shape, while the cover is sturdy and tough for long-lasting durability. Each stitch is strong enough to withstand match after match of rugged play.

If you're unsure about how to shop for soccer balls for beginners, Nike won't steer you wrong. The Premier Team ball is NFHS certified, and it's the perfect pick for new and seasoned players. The machine stitching can handle tough kicks and rough play without bursting at the seams. The casing is a Premium PU grade. That improves the feel and touch of the ball, providing more control.

Getting to know the game requires hours of practice. What's better for that than a practice ball? In truth, Baden's low-bounce ball is a solid choice for players of any experience level. The low-bounce effect gives new players the opportunity to work on their performance and perfect their control of the ball. Practicing with a precision ball is vital, as well. This ball is entirely hand sewn from one panel to the next. Thanks to the cover, made of PU material, the ball boasts a more accurate path with each kick, even when it's airborne. Because the ball abides by USFF standards, it will help beginners to reach expert levels with regular practice.

Nike has a number of team balls that make fantastic soccer balls for beginners. For a solid, dependable pick with plenty of longevity, this is an excellent ball. In most ways, it's traditional, down to the 32 panels. The exterior is a TPU material that's reinforced with machine stitching, however. No matter how hard someone plays, it won't pop its stitches. The ball will hold its shape, as well. A rubber bladder inside of the ball ensures that it won't easily deflate or become misshapen.

Available in different sizes, Baden's Thermo ball is a thermally bonded wonder. Its durability is impressive. In addition to its bonded design, the surface features textured patterns that create a true flight pattern. The texture also improves control. A reinforced bladder maintains shape and air retention. The lack of seams guards against water absorption. That alone makes this one of the best—younger players can practice in any weather and on any type of terrain without ruining the quality of the ball.

The Glider ball by Adidas is a top pick for practice. It's a standout among its competitors due to its origins. The 2014 MLS Match Ball and the Brazuca World Cup Ball both inspired the Glider. It's ideal for practice and training, but it's also great for fun. Thanks to a Butyl bladder, the ball maintains its shape, which also improves control.

The best soccer balls for beginners will help a novice player to learn ball control, coordination, and endurance. Choose a ball that can grow with a fresh new soccer player. Whether they're new to the game or already eyeing the best soccer universities in the US, the right ball can last a very long time.

product review
Brad Gould
Brad Gould
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