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Thinking (this Morning) of the Hound of Heaven

Where is that Hound Anyway? For FB

By Paul MerkleyPublished 12 days ago 2 min read
Top Story - May 2024
(from The Canadian Encyclopedia)

There is a spot in Niagara Falls, the Horseshoe Falls

Enveloped always in thunderous roar, the sound of Creation, I think

Beautiful blue stillness in the water, a quiet moment

Before it cascades over that precipice

I gaze at the water and ponder the gift of consciousness

And the Law of Creativity

Falling water

Falling water

And Fallingwater

That guy said “A brick wants to be more than a brick”

Thuswise a hydrogen atom wants to be more

So it finds another like itself and an oxygen atom

And becomes a water molecule

Which I also become as I gaze on this sight

As I gaze at this sight on this site

A molecule of water in this paradise of stillness

But pushed to the edge by something unknown up river

And still there is the sound

By miracle of consciousness I am the water

I plummet out of paradise over wild, raucous precipice

The sharp edges of rock hurt as I fall and I scream

But the falls are deaf to my screams

And the consciousness that has set this in motion cares not

Cares not one whit

As terrified I bounce to the bottom

And forget where I came from

Wounded I turn to the business of power

Turning a turbine

Lighting bulbs, frying eggs

For kings and queens and maybe emperors, I think

With my power I must be above these commoners

Don’t you think?

And then, each winter, everything stops

And I am locked in ice, unmoving, unknowing

Until the warmth of spring frees me to turn and churn again

At length I weary of power

The fish speak of God

And what is God? Perhaps I will go with them to see

And we float downstream but I don’t see God

I find another

She is wise, beautiful, graceful

And we travel together past realms of feeling

Into currents of memory

Then to realms of thought

And after that to the splendour

Of a Thousand intuitive Islands

And then, try though she tries to stay

She must leave

And I am drowning in sadness

But she visits from that other realm

And she gifts me visions of the river downstream

Of the great whales that move with no effort

Old as time and wise in the ways of water

Of water and destiny

As that changes with each passing current

With each wayward molecule

And they weave and interweave life

Like threads in cloth

They inform the particles of water

That fabricate the the sea

And I beseech God take me, take me to where she has gone

But that great consciousness knows well

I am not ready

I am not fit

And then you appear

On my screen and in my dreams

I hang on your every thought

I watch for you daily and nightly

And you say “Can you not hear the whales calling?”

“And the ocean? Do you not hear the ocean calling your name?”

It is nameless, a realm of Love and Mercy

And I know you are the Hound and I rejoice that you have stayed (you need not) for me

And for so many others

The universe grows bigger as you show it to me

I give thanks for your guidance

Your wisdom and awareness

As you point the path to the ocean

For you are, you are

The Light

And Sound

And Love

Of God

In Action


About the Creator

Paul Merkley

Co-Founder of Seniors Junction, a social enterprise working to prevent seniors isolation. Emeritus professor, U. of Ottawa. Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. Founder of Tower of Sound Waves. Author of Fiction.

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  • Anna about 19 hours ago

    Congrats on Top Story! :)

  • Science and beauty all in one, with the majesty of creation

  • Andrea Corwin 10 days ago

    This s is so…..incredibly beautiful- so much you wove into it from molecules to Niagara to the beauty and power of nature from God, the Creator. Amazing! Congratulations on well deserved TOP STORY! 🎉🎊

  • Manisha Dhalani11 days ago

    I see so many emotions in this poem. Nice one.

  • Kendall Defoe 11 days ago

    I'm from Hamilton, and I approve this message.

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