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Best Soccer Balls for Training

There are plenty of soccer balls for training, regardless of your training needs, and a good ball can make all the difference.

By Brad GouldPublished 5 years ago 4 min read
Top Story - November 2018

Soccer, like any sport, has gone through an evolution over the years. The game has become faster, as have the players, and the soccer ball itself has evolved as well. The best soccer balls for training are the same ones that are the best for playing the game.

Soccer balls are partly the reason for why the game itself has changed. The balls of yesterday were stitched like a football, which didn’t help the flight of the balls. After the earliest soccer balls, they transitioned to ones that had panels. These panels helped the ball’s flight and added to the feel on the feet of the players.

Eventually, the soccer ball transitioned to today’s modern match balls. The multi-panel design, along with newer design technology, allowed the ball to fly better, as well as dip and bend. You might not have been able to learn how to curve a soccer ball if it wasn’t for the modern soccer ball design. The modern ball is also much softer than the balls of the past, which has allowed for longer passes and have significantly sped up the game.

Today’s balls allow for a more precise game. Passes and shots have an increased accuracy because of the modern ball design. This has changed the way the game is played and allowed for a wider variety of attacks.

When looking at the best soccer balls for training, there are a few factors to consider. Ball size, different materials, and your individual training needs should all be considered before you purchase your training or match balls.

The Adidas MLS Top Training NFHS Ball is part of the Adidas MLS soccer collection. The ball has a thermally bonded, seamless surface that allows for more control and precision when both passing and shooting. This is recommended as one of the best soccer balls for training by the MLS, and the ball is also certified by the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) and is FIFA approved.

Another from the MLS collection, the Top Glider is machine stitched and has a nylon interior for durability and performance. The butyl bladder is designed to maintain a consistent amount of air in the ball, which also aids in the overall durability of the soccer ball. The water resistant polyurethane shell means that you won’t sacrifice durability for performance either.

Adidas is definitely one of the leaders in training balls, and the Confederations Cup Top Replique is a great ball at a great value. It is a replica of the official match ball from the 2017 Confederations Cup.

The tube technology provides a seamless surface, which allows for a better touch on the ball. It is also laminated for added durability, which makes it a great choice when looking for soccer balls for training purposes.

Wilson is the official ball of the NCAA. This ball is a replica of the ball used for the NCAA Championships, and is a great ball for training. The ball has 32 fused panels that will aid in the touch and flight of the ball, while the latex rubber bladder ensures a consistent strike on the ball and makes it extremely durable.

Another replica of the NCAA match balls, the Stivale II is approved by both the NCAA and NFHS. The ball has 20 panels of TPU construction, which help with maintaining the overall shape of the ball and an added durability that you can trust during practice and gameplay.

This is one of the soccer balls for training that is pretty universal for whatever level you are playing. This is a replica of the Premier League match ball, and the quality of the replica translates to the overall touch and flight of the ball when in play.

The Nike Training Ball is a more traditionally designed ball. The 32 panel construction is designed for more accurate flight. The machine stitched design adds for the durability that is a necessary when training for soccer. The durability of this ball is its strength, making it one of the greatest values when looking at soccer balls for training.

Another match ball replica, the Adidas World Cup training ball has a seamless and textured surface for a more refined touch on the ball. The graphics are an exact replica of the ball used during the World Cup Telstar ball used during the matches, and is one of the best soccer balls under $50 you can start training with at any given time.

The Adidas Performance Champions League Finale is thermo bonded to aid in the durability of the ball. The star panels are just like the match ball, and is on the more durable side to help with shooting drills. It's safe to say that if you use this ball while you're training, the opposing team will be seeing stars when you dribble past them all game long.

Senda's brand is extensive and has at least a couple of essential types of soccer balls every player should try. It should be no surprise, therefore, that the Senda Amador's textured exterior and a special foam create a better sensitivity and a softer touch when in motion. The machine stitched seams means that the ball is durable and will stand up to the abuse of a soccer training regimen. The rubber bladder means that the ball will consistently hold air and keep its shape.

While most of these soccer balls for training are not necessarily designed for match play, they are modeled after many of the top match play balls. This means that, whatever your needs, these balls will stand up to the rigors of training, and you'll end up a better player because of it.

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