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Dear Meghan Trainor,

CC: The Misunderstood Nurse

By Jamie LeFebvre Published 2 years ago 3 min read
Dear Meghan Trainor,
Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

Dear Meghan Trainor,

I do not know you and you do not know me.

I am not here to judge you fortunately.

I want to say this, as I have once said before,

People in the medical world need educated on mental health, in addition to much more.

It is very disheartening to say the least,

That a nurse and a woman towards you, has acted a beast.

Toward another woman, who was just trying to do her best,

prioritizing her needs and not just the misguided rest.

I applaud you for doing what you needed to do, acknowledging your needs,

not settling for less, influenced not by everything you read.

Truth is, if you are a believer of faith, your child was to turn out just as he is-

With or without medications.

In God's eyes, your son is perfect and beautiful

Anyone that speaks otherwise, is ignorant and cruel.

Hypocrites is what I say, for people who have lost their way.

Hypocrites is what I say, for those that judge what I do or say,

Hypocrites that have failed to believe.

Hypocrites do not get to judge you or me.

For some reason, many have forgotten this fact,

It is with Jesus; we maintain a pact.

Shame on that nurse, open the bible, reference psalms, and read a verse.

Meghan, you are the one with the voice that sings, the voice to be heard,

Not a misguided nurse with condemnatory words.

Whether stranger, sister, brother, mother, father, or friend.

It is only Jesus that determines our fate at the end.

This need for blame and liability is like a dying a slow and painful death.

In the words of Lennon, we need to let some things be, let it rest.

Stop with the blame.

Stop pointing the finger.

Release the hostility instead of letting it linger.

I guess this nurse is doing wonders for children outside of the NICU,

Is she aware of the preservatives and modified corn syrup that exists in our children's food?

Why is it people do not care about a baby after birth, but stand for every right of a fetus?

Meghan, I assume that finances are not a problem, considering you are famous.

But if this nurse spoke this way to you, she most likely has done this to a less fortunate woman,

and for doing to either or both is wrong, this shameless treatment should not be provided to any person.

Families who are limited, cannot afford to buy fresh produce.

They cannot risk their mental stability, going off their medications, they should refuse!

Barefaced, brazen, brash, and audacious, this woman should practice humility.

A medical professional providing "quality" health services and care, such a pity.

Nurse, let's take it a step backwards to address the world in which we live,

Wouldn't it be nice to exist in a world where happy pills aren't necessary to give?

But sadly, that has become our culture, and this has become a learned response.

Doc, I have a symptom and he says, "you must take this at once."

No definitive cause found, put on repeat, round and round.

The world is sometimes a sad place-

Void of understanding and grace.

So very unaware, and it is truly frightening.

Our healthcare system needs enlightening.

I am sure you are no stranger to criticism and critique in your artistic career,

But this hits differently, the hurt, I am sure is more sincere.

I just wanted you to know that I support you and a woman's right to choose,

The choices we make are up to no human to deny or to approve.

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