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The world of books, authors, audiobook narrators and avid readers on TikTok

By Angela SchnaubeltPublished about a year ago 3 min read
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The hashtag #booktok has 96.7B views (as of December 2022), so it's safe to say that TikTok is more than just videos of teenagers doing dance challenges. If you haven't heard of what's going on with the more "serious" side of TikTok, then click on this article to find out: What the Heck is TikTok?

Booktok, similar to Cooktok and Traveltok, is an exploration of book fans, recommendations, reactions, authors, bookstores, and even audiobook narrators.

Let's take a look at the niche communities and subcultures that books on TikTok have to offer, including the hashtag popularity. Plus, find a list of creators who have become influencers, as well. It's not a comprehensive list -- it's some ideas to get your ideas flowing for what you can explore on Booktok!

Niche Communities for Books & Authors

Here are some popular hashtags, including their views (as of December 2022).

Hashtag and views (k = thousands, M = millions, B = billions)

Let's start out kind of nerdy... #bibliophile 242.5M (it means "lover of books"), #bookworm 13.8B, #booknerd 900M, #bookreviews 81.3M, #booktokclub 282M (like, you know, a book club)

Amazingly, it starts to get country specific. Aren't you fascinated by how hashtags catch on!? #booktokindonesia 908M, #booktokbrasil 11.2B, #booktokitalia 1.4B, #booktokfrance 929.8M, #booktokpolska 569.6M, booktokusa 53.2M, aussiebooktok 50.2M (WOW! Look at Brasil! That's some incredible momentum and dedication to literature!)

#BookTok 96.9B, #booktiktok 775.3M, #booksoftiktok 331.9M, books 27.5B,

Different ways that books are recommended on TikTok! #booksthatchangedmylife 69.7M, #bookrecommendaions 7.1B, booktokrecs 16.9M,

A great way to search for books is to use hashtags for each literature genre: #scifibooks 47.4M, #romancebooks 4.8B, #mysterybooks 51.6M, YAbooks 1.9B. You can search for any genre you like: historical fiction, murder mystery, biography, nonfiction, poetry, fantasy, adventure, children's books, humor, etc.

Remember to take a look at the rising stars of audiobook narration. This is a niche community that is growing on TikTok because of our fast-paced culture and appreciation for books on tape (ok, I'm dating myself! The books are not on "tape," anymore, but are streaming or saved from your account like audible where you bought it).

Search your favorite author or book series.

If you are an author, see if your publisher or audiobook company is on TikTok. There is lots to explore and discover!

Don't forget libraries... romantic, private in-home, rare, and more: #library 1.6B, #librarytiktok 240.5M, #homelibrary 111.8M, #homelibrarydesign 9.7M

Find more topics on TikTok for book lovers by searching the following: #bookbinding, #selfpublishing, #bookreaction, #worstbook, #

Influencers on BookTok

Just like Instagram, a few creators on TikTok rise to fame and become influencers. Generally, any account that achieves over 10,000 followers is considered an influencer (but you can host a "live" video after just 1,000 followers).

It's generally acknowledged that creators can become influencers on TikTok more easily than on Instagram. Although, there are pros and cons to each platform (more on this in a future article).

It's impossible to make a comprehensive list of influencers but here is a sample of who you can discover in the world of books, authors, narrators, readers, book recommendations, etc.

  • @moonsrarebooks 1.0M magical rare books bookstore that has 200-year-old bricks from France for its cobblestone floor, themed rooms, a vault, paintings, and obviously lots of very valuable rare books that Reid Moon, owner features
  • @ColleenHoover 1.1M author of It Ends With Us, Verity, and many more books
  • @alex.aster 1.oM young author of YA fantasy genre Lighlark
  • @literallyjohngreen 2.4M author of The Fault in Our Stars, Paper Town, Turtles All the Way Down and other novels
  • @natalienaudus 125.7k award winning audio book narrator

Let me know in the comments who your favorites are, and who you are following so that all readers can discover them, as well! Thanks! You can link to your own profile, or to a "rising star" that you love, as well. Please comment and subscribe so we can stay connected!

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