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I Dream Of A World

Humanity is Poetry in Motion

By CyCyPublished about a year ago 2 min read
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I Dream Of A World

I dream of a world

that is kind.

I dream of a world

that is not mine.

A place that is safe for everyone,

where everyone can be fed,



and loved.

A fantasy world, indeed,

compared to the violent one we live in.

We live in defeat.

And accept that evil always prevail.

And define evil as good.

And good as evil.

When both are subjective

to one’s beholder.

We thrive in a society of hate.

Anger drives us all into a great divide.

We are compliant.

Tired, and lost.

So, when the light finally finds us,

we are blinded.

We create clouds

to mask the damage that we caused.

I dream of a world

of acceptance.

A fantasy world, indeed.

Maybe one day it won’t be.

Maybe one day,

we will be able to create a world

where all children will be safe.

Where they can roam the lands

and sail the seas,

and still find beauty in the planet

that we call home.

I dream of such a world.

And most do too.


Hi, I'm CyCy!

Thank you for reading. I truly appreciate it!

This is the second poem from Humanity is Poetry in Motion. The collection that would reflect politics, social commentary, and what it is like to be human.

Thank you for being a part of my journey and life. I truly appreciate you all.

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