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As Long As They’re Happy

The Darkness That Lurks Behind The Smile

By CyCyPublished about a year ago 2 min read
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As Long As They’re Happy

Disclaimer: This poem is dark and it deals with mental health issues. It can be triggering to some. Reader discretion is advised.

As long as they’re happy

There is no need to be weepy.

When she had spent her years

drowning in tears,

hurting, suffering,

healing, and mending.

Seeing them happy

was enough for her to see.

As long as they’re happy,

she can’t be angry

with the world that treated her

so unkindly –

that she would be so willingly

to tear pieces of her

for others,

so they won’t be


As long as they’re happy.

How long will you keep

doing this to me?!

Look at me and tell me

what you see.

Are we happy?

Why did you forget me?

When others have treated us so cruelly –

here you are, you give our hearts out

so freely.

Darling, please hear me.

We can’t bear this for eternity.

If we only think

“as long as they’re happy”

it will drive us into insanity.

And when that happens,

then it would be certain

that we would finally find solace

in dying.

But as long as they’re happy

then they may not forget me.

Please don’t leave me.

Don’t forget me.


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Thank you for reading. I truly appreciate it!

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