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A World Within

by Mel E. Furnish 12 months ago in inspirational

Recover or Decay?

A World Within
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Shadows engulfed the horizon. A chill whispered through the air on the nightly breeze. Long ago, a peaceful place, now silent as the grave. Branches of dead trees creaked and groaned under a touch of bitter atmosphere. Negative energies took over it all. A light dusting of ash descended from above. An eruption in the distance, a final blow. A broken world, maybe merely one's perception, living a fake life in their decaying mind?

Close the eyes and see,

Beautiful land of green.

Long waiting it be,

For carelessness to flee.

What a blissful dream,

Amidst the lost gleam.

Vanishing from sight,

No longer in flight.

Damaged and broken wings,

No matter, it still it sings.

Await for a brighter life, designed,

Lost within your darkened mind.

Here it will bind,

The demon-kind.

Those tainted souls, you will find.

Trapped within the negative, twined.

Will you release, or will you remind?

The pain they struck, you refined,

Into a better mold of your own kind.

Better to let go, than to fall behind,

On this journey of your time.

Breathe in, and retry.

To your heart, beats a lullaby,

A babbling brook, or a sweet pie.

Savor the moment, live for its high.

Withstand the downs, recall your cry.

It will pass, though bitter and dry,

Down the hatch, of a past sigh.

Never to fade, but to fry,

In the fire within, to always try.

Seek your passions, and withstand the pain.

Handle the ambition, humble the gain.

Failures are just another step, toward the open plain.

Countless directions in the distance, remain sane.

It will all make sense, it won't be in vain.

You must be strong, so you'll remain.

With brawn or brain,

Bring on your game,

Unleash your strain.

Break the chain,

Embrace the drain,

Of your strength, to take on the rain.

This is not the end, only the front of your train,

Of thought, breaking through the dark lane.

Accept truths, finding your answers, your time of reign.

Despite the dark night, you'll find your star-lit domain.

Mel E. Furnish
Mel E. Furnish
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Mel E. Furnish

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