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How to outsmart the robots: Entrepreneurship in the Era of AI

Tech matters, but people skills will become even more critical to succeed

By Andrea ZanonPublished 25 days ago 3 min read

If you are not AI savvy, you can still thrive, don’t panic. However, to stay competitive in this fast paced economy, tech savviness will dominate. Those that can blend good tech and human skills, will thrive as the tech dominated economy will need strong emotional intelligence leadership.

The digital revolution is in expansion mode, and artificial intelligence (AI) is at its front. With investments in AI expected to reach 5-7 trillion dollars in the short term, according to Open AI CEO Sam Altam, this transformative technology will influence industries and redefine the skills required for greater success and prosperity. While the rise of AI is intimidating to most, it presents unique opportunities for entrepreneurs who can adapt and anticipate the needs underpinning the future of business.

Tech savviness: A new baseline for ambitious entrepreneurs

In an AI-dominated marketplace, a basic understanding of technology is no longer optional. Entrepreneurs must become digitally literate, embracing tools and platforms that leverage AI and machine learning capabilities. This includes understanding the potential of AI to automate tasks, analyze data, market products, and personalize customer experiences. Whether you're developing AI-powered products or utilizing AI to improve operations, tech savviness will accelerate businesses across the board. Adding skills to your team, via internship, staffing and new departments is essential to stay on top of your game.

The timeless power of human-centric skills

While AI excels at processing information and automating repetitive tasks, it struggles to replicate the nuances and complexity of human interaction. This is where entrepreneurs and ambitious people with strong emotional intelligence skills have a massive advantage.

Emotional Intelligence: The ability to understand, use, and manage our emotions as well the emotions of others will boost your competitiveness and profitability. Emotionally intelligent entrepreneurs can navigate complex negotiations, build rapport with partners, read the room, and create more productive teams.

Sales and Persuasion: AI may automate aspects of sales and marketing, but the art of persuasion remains a human led comparative advantage. Entrepreneurs that can connect with customers on an emotional level, understand their needs, and communicate the value of their products or services will thrive.

Risk Management: AI can assess risks based on data and probabilistic models, but human judgment is essential for interpreting that data and making informed decisions in today’s uncertain situations and geopolitically tense international relations. Socially competent people are very effective at understanding risk and preventing crises from happening.

Adaptability: The global market is constantly changing, and entrepreneurs must be able to pivot and adapt to new technologies, market trends and crisis prone economies. This is easier done if you can shape the minds of members of your team and build consensus.

Building the team of the future

Few entrepreneurs possess every necessary skill. Therefore, building a diverse team that complements your strengths and fills any gaps is crucial. If you're not a tech expert, partner with someone who is. If your focus is on product development, ensure you have a strong sales and marketing team. The key is to recognize your limitations and surround yourself with people who can help you achieve your goals. If your team is not diverse, and not women inclusive, your risk of failures is higher.

Embracing the AI-powered future

The rise of AI shouldn't scare you but rather help you accelerate innovation within your business. AI should also not be seen as a “must have or die”. Take incremental steps, to study where AI capabilities can be streamlined into your business, unlock new markets, and deliver personalized experiences to your customers. In this digital age, the most successful entrepreneurs will be those who can blend tech savviness with the irreplaceable power of human connection.

In conclusion

The future of entrepreneurship is a hybrid one, where human ingenuity and artificial intelligence work hand in hand. By mastering the essential skills of this tech rich time, you can position yourself for success in a digitally distracted world. Remember, the most valuable asset you bring to the table is your personal human character, your ability to connect, empathize, and influence others.

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