Why Every Man Should Do Yoga

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Yoga shouldn't only be practiced by women; men should get into it, too. Here's why every man should do yoga.

Why Every Man Should Do Yoga

Yoga is easily one of the best forms of exercising of all time and there are many different types. Despite the fact that the poses do strengthen your muscles, they relax you, as well — mostly mentally. Yoga relieves stress and pain — basically draining your thoughts away.

However, almost everyone knows that yoga is practiced often by women. Why does it seem that way? Well, because it's a type of exercise that doesn't involve lifting weights, jogging, doing any push-ups, and everything else that an ordinary person would do at the gym.

Aside from the benefits like strengthening your body, some women do yoga only to relieve their stress. There are women who have built-up stress and anxiety on a daily basis, and the only way for them to feel relaxed is through yoga. Now, allow me to tell you why every man should do yoga.

You become more flexible.

The majority of yoga positions are pretty tricky. Your yoga instructor will most likely make you bend your body in ways that you never knew could bend. From twisting your spine to touching your toes from behind — all these crazy poses can actually make you flexible if you do yoga almost daily. Not to mention that becoming flexible strengthens your muscles — a reason why every man should do it. So boys, you're not losing muscle strength by doing yoga, you're toughening them up.

Yoga relieves stress and anxiety.

This is one of the best reasons why yoga is great and one of the reasons why every man should do yoga. Through every position you ease into, you're also releasing all the stress and anxiety that you've been building up.

You're lying if you say men don't deal with stress, and yoga will definitely help with that. Once you get yourself into a form, inhale and exhale slowly, it'll get the tension and strain right out of you. You're also not supposed to think of how crazy the positions you're doing look — focus on the mind and battling stress.

Yoga chisels out your muscles.

Let's get back to how yoga strengthens your muscles rather than deflating them. Yes, yoga forms do definitely make you stronger, and becoming stronger means your body will be sculpted with great muscle lines, which is why every man should do yoga.

Practicing yoga almost daily will certainly make you fit, because your body is becoming flexiblefrom the crazy poses you're challenging yourself with. Becoming more flexible means becoming stronger — leading to a chiseled-looking body. Boys, if you want to look built, I advise you to do yoga.

It helps you have better sex.

I cannot express how true this fact is. Doing yoga can certainly make you better at having sex, because when you become more flexible from the yoga forms, you'll be able to achieve any sex position — surely surprising (and pleasing) your partner.

Why should every man do yoga? Well, remember all those difficult, but hot, sex positions you couldn't perform because your body just wasn't able to bend that way? Yoga can help you out with that.

Yoga can help you lose a couple of pounds.

This is another reason why every man should do yoga. Of course, it can keep you looking fit and burn off those calories that were tough to get rid of. Pulling off some of those insane yoga positions and settling in them for about five minutes easily helps you burn fat.It'll be difficult in the beginning, but after a couple of weeks of practicing yoga, people will start complimenting your figure and asking if you've been losing weight.

It can help you ease pain and injuries.

Yoga is literally like giving yourself a massage. If you have any muscle pain in your back, legs, upper arms, etc., yoga poses can actually relieve that pain. Have a huge knot in your shoulders? Not a problem. This is why every man should do yoga — it can easily get rid of body pain you've been dealing with for a while and just couldn't get rid of.

So, next time you're struggling with terrible back or leg pain, don't take a trip to a masseuse, but practice some yoga, instead.

Yoga makes you feel younger.

Don't think I'm lying when I say this, yoga does make you feel younger. No matter how old you are, yoga will keep your body feeling and looking healthy. Why should every man should do yoga? Well, because it keeps you feeling younger physically and even mentally. Performing crazy yoga poses ultimately gives you that feeling of conquering a great challenge. So, no matter if you're 78 or 18, doing yoga will make you feel younger.

It improves your overall well-being.

Someone who does yoga on a daily basis has their life in order. A man who does yoga might start becoming a morning person, focus on eating healthier, and getting a full eight hours of sleep. This is one of the main reasons why every man should do yoga — it can totally change the way you see life compared to how you did before you practiced yoga.

Yoga improves your breathing.

Throughout yoga, all you are doing is focusing on your breathing. While focusing on your breathing, you're releasing all the toxins and stress that were trapped in your body. The key motions are inhaling through your nostrils and exhaling through your mouth. Constantly doing this can actually improve your breathing. Yoga can improve your breathing rhythm to a healthier pace.

It keeps you balanced.

Another reason why every man should do yoga is because it keeps you balanced. Many people out there have terrible balance — practically falling over after a second of standing on one foot.

Your yoga instructor, or yourself during an online class, will get you into performing positions that include standing on one leg, doing headstands, handstands, and other balance based yoga forms. Doing yoga daily will definitely improve your balance through these crazy, but helpful, forms.

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