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Yoga Poses to Release Stress

by Aaliyah Williams 4 years ago in advice / body / fitness / yoga / mental health

If you need to expel stress from your life, clear your mind, cleanse your body and achieve your full potential, try yoga posts to release stress.

If you’ve ever wanted to know the best yoga poses to release stress, then look no further. We’ve compiled this extensive guide for your convenience. With so many fads and products out on the market these days we understand how frustrating it can be to sieve through to get the information you want and the things best designed for your needs. With that said, let us be clear, if you need to expel stress from your life, clear your mind, cleanse your body and achieve your full potential… you’ve come to the right place. Our ultimate list of yoga poses to release stress is perfect for you.

So, you get what we’re saying but… Why Yoga? Why not! If it’s good enough for Vanessa Hudgens, who was able to put on an amazing rendition of Rizzo during Grease LIVE mere days after her father’s passing. If it’s promoted by the likes of Lea Michelle, Zendaya, and more… who’s to say it’s not for you too?

Stress is natural. In fact, stress was imperative thousands of years back for mere survival. Stress creates a "fight or flight" response in your body by the release of hormones like cortisol. Depending on the situation and your pre-determined personality types your response to stress could be either A or B. "A" being fight, your body will release adrenaline giving you the power to charge through. On the other hand, "B" is flight, in this case, you’ll remove yourself from the situation or stressors at hand.

But, what happens when it all gets to be too much? Are you supposed to be left feeling lethargic, anxious or even depressed? Hell no! And that’s where we come in. This list of yoga poses to release stress is your spell-book. Your go-to stress-free bible, if you will. You can thank us later!

The Corpse Pose

This position is for you if you need total relaxation.

Target Area: Nervous system, blood pressure, breathing & heart rate.

Difficulty Level: 2/10

How To:Pretend you’re dead in a coffin. JOKING! But seriously, it kind of mirrors that look. You need to lie flat on your back with your legs together but not touching, arms relaxed at your sides, not making contacting your body with your palms facing upwards. Focus on slowing your breathing and watching the rise and fall of your chest.

The Cow Pose

This position is for you if you need emotional balance (and/or like pretending you’re a farmyard animal).

Target Area: Spine, organs, and the mind.

Difficulty Level: 3/10

How To:Step one, get on your knees. You need to focus on broadening your shoulders, letting your chest and mid-range slowly dip and lift your chin to the ceiling… as if you’re trying to avoid all the peasants beneath you. Maybe even give it a "moo" for extra satisfaction. But seriously, this is one of the simplest, yet effective yoga poses to release stress we’ve found.

The Leg-Up

This position is for you if you suffer with blood circulation and want to ease your lower back.

Target Area: Lymph drainage, spine, heart.

Difficulty Level:5/10

How To: For this pose you need your back flat against the floor whilst your legs are up against the wall in a straight line. Your arms should be perpendicular (bet you never thought you’d hear that word after high-school, right?) to your legs and be flat against the floor. Keep your rear as close to the wall as possible and stay in this position, being mindful to watch your breathing, for around five minutes.

The Easy-Peasy One

This position is for you if you suck at yoga but you’re down to try.

Target Area: Reflection, anxiety, hips, and lower back.

Difficulty Level:1/10

How To:Envision a pre-school assembly. We need you cross-legged with a straight back and hands on your knees. Making sure your weight is evenly distributed, soften your gaze and let-go. Let go of worries, negativity, and any thoughts in general. This pose is great for those of us who need to have a mind spring cleaning.

The Child’s Pose

This position is for you if you suffer with back pain and are usually more agile than the average person.

Target Area: Lower back, spine.

Difficulty Level: 6/10

How To: This position is a little more complicated than the rest. But as far as yoga poses to release stress go it’s one of the best… so, here goes! In a kneeling position sit back on the heels of your feet and have your face reaching forward over your body, looking straight down at the mat. Rest your arms beside your feet and breathe. Hold this for three to six deep breaths.

The-One-You-Couldn’t-Do-In-High-School / The Bridge

This position is for you if you suffer from insomnia, fatigue, migraines, headaches, or backache.

Target Area: Blood pressure, back, legs, and shoulders.

Difficulty Level: 8/10

How To: Position yourself on your back with yourself facing the ceiling. Keep your legs slightly apart following your hips distance as a general guideline. Bend your knees raising the lower half of your body into the air. Keep your arms flat at your sides, using them as support. Hold this pose for four to eight deep breaths before exhaling and slowly coming back into a normal position. Repeat this pose around five times for a maximum benefit.

Humor aside, all of the poses we’ve featured are here to help aid you in whatever stressful time you’re currently facing. They are FREE, EASY and SIMPLE. So the next time a therapist is about to charge you $200 for a single session, think back to us. Remember this post, and why not try it out for yourself? If you’re still in need of even more poses to try because we totally gave you the buzz here are even more yoga poses to release stress:

  • The Eagle
  • The Dolphin
  • The Standing Forward Bend
  • The Cat
  • The Extended Triangle

We sincerely hope that in this guide to an anxiety, panic and worry free life has aided you in some way. Do you know of more poses that the ones we mentioned? Have you seen one that would be great for you? All you need do is try. These yoga poses to release stress have been compiled for your benefit, use them wisely.

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