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What Type of Witch Are You?

Did you know that you can be more than one!

By LittleTree OppyPublished 8 months ago 3 min read

Your journey as a witch is a lifestyle full of discovery and transformation. A question often asked is, "What type of witch are you?" Many times one does not know what type of witch they are and feel the need to question themselves and their abilities.

Let's dive in and discuss nine 'types' of witches.

Kitchen Witch

Kitchen witches are home and food-oriented, practicing their craft with cooking, food, and meals to share with loved ones. Part of their craft is to know about spices and herbs, often growing their own.

Hedge Witch

Hedge witches practice a lot of healing magic. They love to learn about herbs and other healing plants, making them similar to kitchen witches. However, they make tinctures and salves to heal vs. soups and bread.

Cosmic Witch

Cosmic witches practice in the celestial world and know about astrology. They spend much of their practice devoted to the Deities, planets, moons, stars, asteroids, and comets. These witches often are known to whip out a deck of tarot cards and offer a reading.

Green Witch

Green witches embrace nature and worship Mother Earth. They draw their energy from natural 'green' sources due to a strong relationship with the plants and wildlife around them. You will often find them thriving in the woods, the garden, or somewhere in the wild.

Sea & Water Witches

Sea and Water witches work with water. Sea witches (or some prefer priestesses or priests) practice their craft using elements from the ocean or sea. Ocean elements such as seashells and fishbones are often used in their practice.

Water witches are land-locked and prefer to practice in rivers, streams, and lakes using elements like rocks, soil, etc.

Elemental Witch

Elemental witches draw their energy using the four elements; fire, air, water, and earth. For example, earth witches may specialize in crystals and gems. These witches can choose to work with as many elements as they choose.

Solitary Witch

Solitary witches like to practice their craft alone. They are not (usually) found in a coven or practicing with others. Keep in mind that not all Solitary witches are alone by choice. They may be new to witchcraft or do not have access to other witches or covens.

Eclectic Witch

Eclectic witches are a sprinkle of this, a dash of that, and a pinch of salt. These witches determine their systems, rituals, and practices. They practice what feels right, often combining many ideals into one belief. Magick is "intentional practice" making it easy for Eclectic witches to use all aspects and elements at their disposal. Most new "baby witches" will identify with this 'type' until they become more comfortable in their craft.

Wiccan Traditional Witch

Wiccan Traditional Witches follow a historical approach to witchcraft, working with the history and nature around them to create their spells and rituals. Their passion is sabbats, worshiping local Deities, and learning old magick and lore.

I am a 'Solitary Eclectic Green Kitchen' Witch.

Now that we have gone over some common types of witches, I hope you have a better understanding of yourself and your craft. There are many 'types' in addition to the nine listed above, a quick google search will bring up many more 'types' of witches. Do your research on each type and keep in mind that you can be more than one type of witch. For example, I consider myself a 'Solitary Eclectic Green Kitchen' Witch. I strongly identify with more than one 'type' of a witch, and they mesh well together.

Over the years, I am sure my 'type' will evolve and change many times over. That is part of my journey, everyone's journey is different and personal. Make sure to determine what 'type(s)' you feel you are, do not let others choose for you.

-Many Blessings on your journey!

This information was gathered by LittleTree Oppy of the Blue Witch Coven and The Witches Spell Box.


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LittleTree Oppy

Strong Educated Independent Woman. Mom, Wife, Sister, Aunt, Neice, Tree Hugging Hippy, Animal Lover, Environmental Activist, Gardener, Artist, Writer, Spreader of Joy.

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  • The Whimsical World of Bertena3 months ago

    Solitary divination witch

  • good witches all … absolutely loved this piece. x

  • Steffany Ritchie6 months ago

    I admit I have never really been good at typing myself, I am very crystal and nature-focused, I think the only one I can rule out is maybe kitchen! Fun/informative read thanks!

  • Lynn Hummer7 months ago

    Loved this story! Left me wanting to learn and understand more. Probably because I am seeking out my own 'type' of witchiness. I was inspired to write a children's poem! Thank you!

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