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Medical Specialists

Can't live with them and can't live without them!

By Denise E LindquistPublished 30 days ago 3 min read
Medical Specialists
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Medical specialists

Here is my list!







Physical therapist


Dental hygienist




No actor!

On Tuesday I went to see a Urologist. Yet another specialist. Not that I don't already have enough of them! She was nice. Young. The expert on urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Two years ago in December, I had a hysterectomy. The nurse practitioner I was seeing said, I would just have it all removed. You are done having babies, what do you need all that for?

This was after the Gynecologist, a specialist on women's parts, said she didn't think I should have it done. So, I went back to her and asked for a second opinion. My concern was cancer. A growth was spotted on my ovaries.

My oncologist recommended I see the gynecologist about that.

The gynecologist then said she could give me a hysterectomy if that was what I wanted. No one mentioned a thing about possible consequences to the operation. Like they couldn't take my ovaries, due to my vitals jumping around.

And no one mentioned the possibility of chronic UTIs. So, that is why, after two years I was seeing this specialist. My chiropractor had sold me some herbal remedies to take to get rid of UTIs. I trust him. He got rid of my tennis elbow and an adjustment every couple of months and I'm good.

I knew that I couldn't take just any medication though, so I ran it by the next doctor to treat a UTI. I was told that I should probably talk with a Urologist before taking the herbal capsules and the referral was made.

She told me to take the capsule as a preventative. One capsule per day, not 3 capsules, 4 times a day for 2 days as the chiropractor prescribed. It had D-Mannose in it.

We covered everything the Urologist said was the first step of treatment. Some of these things I was already told to do and had been doing. She emphasized drinking water, at least a liter and a half a day.

Someone else had told me small amounts at a time.

We talked about taking a preventative antibiotic after intercourse, which I told her I was prescribed and taking. She shook her head in agreement and asked what the antibiotic was at the same time she was looking at my record.

Of course, I couldn't remember what antibiotic. I told her it was a green and white capsule, I thought. She shook her head no like that didn't tell her anything. She figured it out and said to continue what I was doing.

Then she said I could continue with the Physical therapist (PT) who is a specialist in UTIs after I told her I had seen one, until I couldn't. I couldn't remember why I couldn't.

She said the PT specialists in UTIs do know what they are doing. I explained my experience with being manipulated and how she knew I had scar tissue in a place I hadn't told her about and how could she know.

As we were finishing our time together, the specialist said, "We will own your urine." Excuse me?

Then she explained in my language. "When you feel like you have a UTI, call our office and we will order a urine test. The results will come to us. We can then track if something more needs to be done and what needs to be done based on your tests."

Okay then. That was that. Some specialists I have a yearly appointment with. Sometimes I need to see them more than once a year. I like it when it is only once a year and hope I never have to see some of them again.

Enough about specialists for today!

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I am married with 7 children, 27 grands, and 12 great-grandchildren. I am a culture consultant part-time. I write A Poem a Day in February for 8 years now. I wrote 4 - 50,000 word stories in NaNoWriMo. I write on Vocal/Medium weekly.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran29 days ago

    "We will own your urine." That was both hilarious and threatening at the same time, lol! I had no idea a hysterectomy would lead to an UTI. That's so scaryyyy. I hope you get better soon. Sending you lots of love and hugs ❤️

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