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Follow these 8 steps to maintain Fitness

Obesity is not just a matter of body design, or beauty. Due to weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, cholesterol, liver fat, and all other problems start to appear.

By Vijay VeeraPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
Follow these 8 steps to maintain Fitness
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Obesity is not just a matter of body design, or beauty. Due to weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, cholesterol, liver fat, and all other problems start to appear. No matter how hard you exercise and diet, the main reason for not losing weight is that you can't control your hunger and take in too many calories. But controlling hunger is simple.

Hormone work

Ghrelin hormone - Ghrelin (hunger hormone) is a hormone that stimulates hunger. The brain instructs this when it feels hungry. Similarly, the stomach secretes a hormone called leptin to signal fullness.

Only when these two signals are correct will appetite come under control. Follow the following eating habits to get this signal right and control hunger.

Eating slowly

Eat in haste and fast without understanding that eating is for the movement of our body. That is a huge mistake.

The food should be chewed slowly and passed through the cervix slowly into the body. So instead of eating food in haste, eat slowly and control your hunger. Do not get hungry often.

Fiber foods

The best way to curb frequent hunger pangs is to eat foods high in fiber.

High-fiber foods help curb hunger for longer and prevent excessive calorie intake. In particular, it regulates the digestive power and improves the metabolism so that the weight can be reduced very well.

Protein-rich foods

If we want a big belly, the first thing we look for is starchy carbohydrate foods. But it also increases blood glucose and increases body fat.

Instead, eat more protein-rich eggs, legumes, fish, chicken, legumes, and nuts. Consuming protein fills the stomach faster and curbs hunger for a longer period. This keeps the calorie intake under control. Neither should weight.

Drinking water

Even if the body is more hydrated, hunger can be controlled. Do not get hungry often. But 2 mistakes that many of us make are drinking too little water, and not drinking the right amount of water.

Yes. Many people do not know how to drink water properly. It is very wrong to drink a bottle of water at once because you want to drink a lot of water. It is immediately excreted as urine.

Drink an average of 3-4 liters of water per day. If you drink 200-300 ml (one glass) every half an hour, the amount of water in the body will be stable.

Mindful eating

None of us follow this habit. When we eat, we should understand what we are eating, which food we are eating and how much.

It requires full attention on your plate. When you eat like that, you feel full even if you eat less. It helps in curbing excessive appetite to a great extent.

So don't watch TV or cell phone while eating. We do not know what we are cursing and how much we are cursing. So focus on the plate.

Solid foods

Water is essential for the body. Many people take liquid food (soup, juice) for that. It only curbs hunger temporarily.

But when you feel hungry, when you take such liquid food during snacks, it gets digested quickly and you start feeling hungry immediately. To avoid this, take solid foods instead of liquids.

For example, it is better to eat salads instead of soups and fruits instead of juicing. It curbs hunger for a long time. It also keeps blood glucose levels stable.

Adequate sleep

Sleep is very important not only for appetite control but also for overall health. It is necessary to sleep 8-10 hours daily on an average.

Especially those who want to lose weight should sleep more at night. Some people think that sleeping too much will make them gain weight. That is very wrong. Body weight Obese people sleep longer at night to keep their hunger under control.

If you are awake for a long time at night, you will be hungry. A lot of junk food must be taken at that time.

Reduce stress

This is more important than all the above methods. . Reduce stress. Try to keep your mind as light and stress-free as possible.

Stress increases the production of the hormone cortisol. It increases obesity.

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