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Cultivating innate Psychic ability

accomplish anything that one can conceive

By Empty Poetry and VersePublished about a year ago 3 min read

Cultivating innate Psychic ability

Human beings are gifted with an existence more complex than we can understand logically. We use the weaving of stories, and our creativity to explain what we could never hope to know for certain. Every day there are countless experiences that we shrug off as “odd” usually a synchronistic event, too much to wrap our heads around in the constant movement of our fast-paced world.

recognizing it as anything more might make us seem like a psychiatric patient trying to find the cohesion between the message in a bowl of cereal, and the words coming out of your coworker's mouth. Understandably, there is a fine line that must be walked carefully.

The times when we think or talk about someone, surprised to see that not 10 seconds later they have called. When we turn around randomly to see catch someone staring, looking so directly at them it was as if they called out. Even more complex intuition such as hunches, and gut feelings about people, places, or events that are going to happen, or have happened outside of your realm of physical awareness. Psychic experiences happen to us all, but to others more often, simply because of sensitivity.

In the same way, insensitive ears will miss a magpie's morning song, an insensitive noise will miss the smell of roses, and so will an insensitive psychic perception miss the subtle communication of the intuitive world. Not only this but the more we ignore or listen to this 6th sense we train it to either become inactive or more active, as we ask ourselves to disconnect or attune.

In this way, the psychic sense can be thought of as a muscle that when cultivated. Becomes more competent every day. Imagine the fastest runners or strongest powerlifters in the world, to be at that level of muscular power they cultivate with dedication and intensity as is necessary to achieve such feats. Still, this ability range like psychic ability exists on a spectrum. Just like everyone can run, and lift weights, everyone can tap into their psychic sense. Still, there are many levels to this work.

If you have the interest and the inclination I would recommend honing this ability, as the healing, aid, direction, and confidence that one can add to their life through this practice, is second to none. As this space is the blueprint of day-to-day life, the thought and vision in darkness eventually will manifest into the light. Start by closing your eyes, and begin to visualize, listing to the sound of your breath.

When it comes to Psychic cultivation, there are infinite practices already created and still many more waiting to be discovered. These techniques can accomplish anything that one can conceive, imagination is one of the major keys in this work, along with focus. It is the level of focus and concentration that determines the effectiveness of any psychic technique.

Still of all the possible techniques, there is only one that needs to be used or known by an ordinary person. It is essential to have the ability to connect to the source, creating a clear line of connection to the spiritual energy that flows through all things, we can call this prana, while qi or chi is what is generated by your vessel.

Creating this stream of connection to the divine source will allow one spiritual connection, clairvoyance, psychic healing, and ultimately divine guidance and purpose. You in a way become a puppet of the cosmic, flowing with the energetic river of creation. This work may sound simple but it is extremely difficult, as it requires sensitivity, connection, and also surrender. If we can surrender to spirit, are psychic abilities will evolve substantially.

Sit comfortability, and start by breathing with a focus on moving your consciousness up and down your spine. Starting from the root, and moving up the ladder to the crown, practice going up and down the scale. The more detail you can visualize the better, the color texter even the sound of the energy moving. Once you feel comfortable with this, visualize a stream of clear energy like steam rising internally through each of these spaces allowing the steam to exit the body through the top of your head. Imagine you are a tea kettle, and the steam radiating from you is connecting the source. From this place, the universe is a clear reflection, listening closely, prepared to respond to your inquiry.

The goal is to visualize this clear energy surrounding you, keeping it stable and consistent you should immediately feel a subtle change, a clarity, even a slight out-of-body or higher self-cohesive feeling. Or in other words, you will feel supported.


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