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Achieve Success By Avoiding These 10 Negative Habits

We waste a lot of our time waiting for things to become perfect

By si bouzePublished 2 years ago 9 min read
Achieve Success By Avoiding These 10 Negative Habits
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We must realize in our contemporary culture that is looking for almost instant results the importance of effort, patience, and perseverance, you have already decided that you will do something, but you have not done it, and regardless of the details, the reason is that you have not practiced the right habits, that is, you have not applied some simple things, the accumulation of which leads daily to great results.

“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.”― Aldous Huxley

Habits define who you are, and all the results in your life come from your daily habits:

If your physical appearance is not fit, and you are overweight, it means that your habits are different from those of a physically fit person.

But if you are physically fit, we can easily guess that you wake up early every morning and exercise, then have a healthy breakfast, and if you are not physically fit, then surely you have habits, such as sleeping late, and eating anything quick and easy.

What we have said in this regard may be a kind of generalization, but it is not far from the truth about the average person physically, in all areas of life, a person does not become successful overnight, but a person becomes successful over time and through the cumulative results of daily habits.

Failure happens in the same way; all the everyday failures that we do not learn from and avoid all come together and form a complete failure.

You are failing bank transfer procedures.

You fail to make the necessary calls.

They fail to listen to customers.

You fail to innovate.

You fail at everything that needs to be done.

Then a day comes when you find that your whole project has failed, and it wasn’t an accident, it was the result of all those small failures all that time, it’s your daily habits and not just one negative event.

After this example, here is this fact; your life is never different from your work, and your daily habits are what determine your success in life and your failure; therefore, in this article, we will discuss some very common habits, including:

1. Repeat the attempt without changing something and expecting different results:

There is a definition of insanity, which is to repeat the attempt without changing any data, and expect different results; so keep this fact in mind, as long as you do the same things, you will get the same results.

The difference between a successful person and an ordinary person often lies not in the enormous potential, but in the audacity to implement the idea he believes in, in taking calculated risks, and moving forward at a steady pace; some people wait for a miracle without doing anything, while successful people rush to work and achieve progress.

2. Waiting for the conditions to become ideal:

We waste a lot of our time waiting for things to become perfect, and often what we are waiting for is not achieved, we forget that what we want is achieved by working, not by waiting; so make every day a new beginning to achieve the life you want, time is yours and you can invest it the way you want; therefore, it is preferable to invest it in a useful way.

Imagine that days, weeks, months, and years are your resources to achieve the result you want, and it depends on how you invest your time, and it depends on how seriously you decide to reach the result you want, and you must differentiate between confidence and vanity, it can be said: You cannot feel confident if you do not change yourself, while you should feel it when you take the next step.

Moving forward is what creates real confidence in a person, which sharpens his energy and elevates his personality.

3. Expect to get what you want easily:

The goal is an advanced level of achievement that requires effort and sacrifice, and there are no amazing results that can be achieved without effort and sacrifice; so be confident, years from now and when you are on your deathbed, what you will remember is not the easy days, but you will be proud of those times when you overcame difficulties and overcame serious challenges, and you will remember your strong will that made the impossible possible; so don’t do the easy things, but do what requires the highest level of energy from you.

Surprise yourself with what potential you have, and while striving to achieve progress, remember that it is better to get overwhelmed by your efforts and gain from experiences than to get tired of doing nothing.

The effort is never in vain, even when it does not lead to the desired results, it makes you stronger and more experienced in the long run.

4. Avoid the risks necessary for change:

The goal of life is to learn, but we are not exaggerating when we say that real life means taking risks to a certain extent; so think about it this way, every decision, every reaction, every step, every day you wake up and get out of bed, all this involves some risk, living a real life means realizing that you are going out and taking risks while having confidence that you can succeed despite the risk.

Think now not to get out of bed and cling to your safety, and you will find that this means dying slowly and losing the true meaning of life, if you ignore your desires and allow the feelings of fear to control you, you will not achieve anything for sure, and this ignorance applied as a result of not trying anything is many times worse than knowing that your desires were wrong because if you find out that you were wrong you will be able to make adjustments and continue your life without thinking about the past and lamenting about it.

5. Basing the current reality on the failures of the past:

Learning to move beyond the past, and rejection teaches us how we should reject what is inconvenient for our safety and well-being, some stories in our life have to end, and it makes no sense to try to fix the irreparable.

But unfortunately, we build all our present and our future on what we have been rejected in the past, but more than that, we define ourselves through the opinions of others and circumstances, and what we have been rejected in the past does not mean that we do not deserve the best, it’s just that the person or circumstances that rejected us did not correspond to what we offer.

If we look at it from this angle, we will find that every rejection is an opportunity to improve what we have, and turn our ideas into reality; it is an opportunity to master our craft and dedication to the work that drives us forward, and this is what we need and you can start from now.

6. Refusal to take responsibility:

You are not responsible for everything that happened to you, but you have to take responsibility for letting go of the patterns of thinking and behavior that resulted from these events, you will gain nothing from thinking about the past; so stop regretting what happened and continue your progress forward.

The sum of your decisions and external factors that you could not control is what resulted in the reality that you are living now, and it’s pointless to blame others or blame circumstances for what happened, this will not change anything, taking responsibility for your current situation and for what happened in the past to pursue progress can change everything.

So now decide to stop thinking about the past, and live completely in the present; there are thousands of opportunities that you can find, and all you need is a decision to take responsibility so that you can achieve what you want.

7. Rejection of new ideas and points of view:

The wiser you become in life as you get older, the more important it becomes to remember that knowledge is not absolute, and what is right at one time can become wrong at another, and then the most hindering the maturation of the personality is clinging to the point of view.

Therefore, remember that success in life does not always depend on being right, but to achieve real progress you should not assume that you have the absolute truth; do not stop learning, make it an investment in yourself.

Read, study, read new books, interact with people, especially those who think differently, ask more questions, and listen attentively to the answers, you should not limit yourself to developing your cognitive side, but be the kind of person who gives back, who uses his knowledge to make a difference in the lives of others.

8. Allowing negative people to weaken your self-confidence:

Your mind is yours, do not allow others to fill it with their negative beliefs, your personality is something sacred, do not allow others to change it as they wish.

There will always be several people in your life who will criticize you no matter how high your performance level or what you do, if you say that you want to achieve something, they will predict failure for you, and no matter what your desires, they somehow assume that you do not have the ingredients for success.

But they are completely mistaken, because it is very easy for a person to be negative instead of positive, and also it is easy for a person to criticize others instead of caring about his own and improving himself.

So when you decide to do something, project or otherwise, do not listen to those few who are trying to discourage you but listen to those who are ready to support you, recognize your potential, and go on your project.

9. Sticking to the illusion:

One of the most important moments in your life is the moment when you find the courage to give up what cannot be changed because when you are not able to change a situation, the challenge is to change yourself, when you develop yourself in proportion to the new situation and when you succeed in it everything changes.

Remind yourself, that you can’t change everything; so you should seriously review yourself and face the fact that you were wrong about it all the time, it was just an illusion and it was never what you thought.

Acceptance is the highest and most difficult degree of realization, realizing the sense of loss even if it involves realizing that you do not have what you thought was yours in the first place, but wisdom is in knowing this, learning from it, giving up what is wasting your energy in vain, and starting something new.

10. Overestimating expectations while doing something:

Simple things become complicated when you expect too much, excessive expectations are the root of all the disappointments that affect us; so don’t let them get to you, every complicated situation in life can be used as an excuse to lose hope, or as an opportunity to develop, it depends on what you decide.

Therefore, start letting go of thoughts and expectations that are not in your favor, remember that there is no perfect life, there is only the moment when you live it and what you decided to do during it.

You can be frustrated at the moment and decide to do nothing, or you can choose to feel good and make the best of the opportunity.

In conclusion:

how to adopt better habits with 4 tips:

Choose an area in your life that you want to improve, and then follow what follows:

Write down the details of your current circumstances, what is bothering you And what’s wrong, And what you want to change

Write your answer to this question, What daily habits contributed to the current conditions in which you live And be honest with yourself, tell yourself what you were doing that led to the situation you are experiencing now.

Write down the details of the desired ideal conditions, such as what can make you happy And how is your ideal position what you want

Answer this question, what habits will make you move from the current situation to the desired one Think about simple daily steps that will help you move forward.

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