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The Spring Tears of Demeter

seasonal waiting down under

By S.K. WilsonPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Top Story - May 2024
A mother's day poem to the mother of seasons

Demeter has wept and suffered even in this

Great southern land as leaf of autumn fell

And winter chilled hearts, hearth and home

But now the mother’s joy begins again

The Flowers sing as reunion pends

Persephone returns from deep below

Life, sun, and day blossom and grow

Spring washes away the cold sad gloom

Life calls out, birds sing and dance in the light

Beware, down under, the piping shrike blight!

The air’s breath warm thaws all below

This ideal heat without the burning glow

Before the southern summer flames unleash

See there, the wattle blooms bright like blood

Veins of life flow again, running through creation

Bees buzz and work, creating sweet gold nectar

The dawn seems brighter, night safer for a time

Demeter’s tears flow once more, not in sorrow but joy

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About the Creator

S.K. Wilson

She/Her | Australian 🏳️‍⚧️ Author

My short form writing mostly falls into the absurd, strange and nonsensical. I enjoy writing micro-fiction collections, and exploring poetry.

Debut novel out now! The Knights of Avalon

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Comments (14)

  • Rubeshabout a month ago

    A true celebration of renewal and the cycle of life. Really awesome🩶

  • Anna about a month ago

    Congrats on Top Story!

  • Andrea Corwin about a month ago

    Congratulations on your Top Story!! 👏🥳

  • S.K. Wilson (Author)about a month ago

    To all those that have read and to those that will, thank you so much for reading and for the kind feedback. I never expected this one to receive such positive feedback (or make TS!) But happy people like it and feel something from it. I try to respond to every comment, but if I don't, thank you for taking the time to read and commenting! 🩷

  • Rav Oldejabout a month ago

    This poem beautifully encapsulates the myth of Demeter and Persephone, reimagining it in the Southern Hemisphere where the seasons are inverted. The imagery is rich, depicting the transition from sorrow to joy as spring returns, signifying Persephone's return from the depths. The final lines of the poem excellently shift from despair to the celebration of life. Thank you for sharing.

  • Gabriela Trofin-Tatárabout a month ago

    So beautifully expressed, I'm in awe. Congrats on TS!

  • Oneg In The Arcticabout a month ago

    I love this part “life calls out”, it really does. Beautiful poem S.K. :)

  • The Dani Writerabout a month ago

    This has been beautifully expressed! Kudos on achieving a top story as well!

  • Karen Brazeeabout a month ago

    Seems like Demeter was weeping a lot .How does one have tears of joy and state suffering in this?. There's no tears of joy in suffering anything.

  • Suzii~about a month ago

    Lovely poem that soothes the mind. Well done. ^^

  • Ameer Bibiabout a month ago

    Wonderful writing. It is such a pretty poem about nature waking up after a winter. Congratulations on the top story, and spring is also coming to celebrate your TS.

  • Manisha Dhalaniabout a month ago

    Nice poem!

  • Raphael Fontenelleabout a month ago

    Sweet and very inspiring. :)

  • Alex H Mittelman about a month ago

    Fantastic poem! Great job!

S.K. WilsonWritten by S.K. Wilson

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