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6 Thought Patterns That Lead To Depression

Anxiety is a feeling of uneasiness and worry.

By si bouzePublished 2 years ago 2 min read
6 Thought Patterns That Lead To Depression
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Depression is one of the most serious mental illnesses that affect a person as a result of being exposed to many life problems and difficult circumstances, in addition to other reasons related to a person following patterns of wrong thinking that cause mental fatigue, which we will learn about through the following lines.

“It is ok to recognize when you need a timeout. It is ok to guard your mental health like a fortress and to shut the gates when it is time for a break.”― Carlee J Hansen,

First: seeing only the bad side of life

When a person focuses his gaze on the bad and dark side of his life, this leads to him suffering from many unpleasant mental disorders that make him depressed, so you have to look at the bright side of your life and the beautiful things in it to maintain your mental health and your lasting positivity.

Second: looking at things as either perfect or not

Focusing on the ideal view of various things in life leads to mental fatigue, which is reflected in the things of his life and makes him psychologically depressed, so you have to be careful not to search excessively for the ideal that does not exist, and to be convinced of the basic idea that there is no ideal and perfection in this life.

Third: surrender and frustrated thinking

The surrender of a person and his failure to complete his work because of his frustrated thinking and his feeling of fear of failure certainly leads to a mental depression that hinders him from success and progress, so we advise you to stay away from frustrating thinking, work hard and be optimistic about the success that awaits you in the end.

Fourth: self-blame repeatedly

Your constant blaming yourself for the mistakes you have made in your life will certainly put you at risk of developing mental depression and other serious disorders that destroy your life, so from today you should stop blaming yourself and directing criticism at her, and seek to solve your problems gradually instead of escaping from them and allowing them to grow and worsen.

Fifth: fear of the future

Your exaggerated fear of the future and the things and events that await you in the coming days will make you drown in a sea of disturbing negative thoughts, delusional dreams, and nightmares, because of which you will develop many mental disorders and psychological depression, for this you need to stop thinking about the future and limit your thinking to the present and the day you live.

Sixth: isolation and loneliness keep me away from bad people

It is one of the most wrong ways of thinking that leads to serious mental illnesses, including mental depression, as isolation and loneliness do not keep you away from bad people, but contribute to increasing your sadness and unhappiness, hence we advise you to be careful to get closer to people and enjoy establishing solid friendships based on understanding and sincerity to enjoy more happiness and psychological comfort.

Key message: These are the basic thought patterns that you should stay away from to protect yourself from developing depression and to enjoy more mental health.

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