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How to Identify Cheaters

Secrets of students in the examination room

By Ameer BibiPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
How to Identify Cheaters
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Have you ever noted the variety of students sitting around you in an exam room? Come with me; I will show you exciting codes and secrets of students hiding in the different parts of the exam room.

Time Experts: These students think they can control time by closely monitoring the clock. When asked why they aren’t working on the paper and are instead checking their watch repeatedly, they come up with a witty answer. “Sir, I’m just monitoring time, you know, in case the seconds jump.”

Invisible Writers: A rare type of student writes with such passion that it looks like a spider dancing across the paper with its pen. But looking more closely, you can see that their paper is blank. Are they writing something that no one can see?

The Secret Messenger: This student is skilled in pen-tapping to communicate without speaking. Listening carefully may reveal their secrets. Two taps indicate choice 2. Imagine if another student ticked the ball pen simultaneously. Answer hints become a puzzle to solve.

Friendly and relaxed Student: This student acts like the test room is an airport lounge where a tired passenger waits for a flight. They move around, yawn, and stretch constantly, looking for the snack bar. Invigilators often wonder if they found themselves in a drawing room or a yoga session.

The Coughing Master: A throat-clearing rhyme starts as the room keeps pin-drop silence. They plan to keep teachers from noticing that they’re still trying to figure out the first question (fill in the blanks). Otherwise, they have no allergies. In the meantime, other cough partners will start responding with cough codes to help the other person.

Spy Students: They are confident they can crack the code and find the answer key. Their goal is to examine the papers of others secretly. Such students are primarily tall, with a long necks, and try to sit at the end to see in both directions.

Symbol of peace: One student always seems completely calm despite all the stress of test-taking. His eyes are closed, and his relaxed posture makes you wonder if he could not sleep last night as he was preparing for the whole night's test.

Always Thirsty: There is also a species of students who are always thirsty, whether winter or summer. As soon as they see the question paper, they raise their hand, and when invigilators reach to solve the issue. Nothing is there; they need water.

Pen-chewing Scholars: Students who chew on their pens as if they are trying to absorb information directly from their brains to the page. When they eventually start writing, it's as if they've chewed up all the ink! Then they'll nonchalantly inquire, "Hey, can I get extra pen?" Mine is out of ink and taste!

Last-minute writers: This common student mostly sits idle during the maximum time, no writing, just thinking like a great philosopher. But as soon as the invigilator announces that, he stops writing, or time is over. He suddenly tries his best to find the solution by looking at fans, windows, desks, and even the room's corners. They are not trying to cheat because they don't know how. They may be trying to absorb the knowledge from the classroom.

And as you said, time is over; they will start writing like a fighter pilot. Interestingly, they will not hand over the paper to you; instead, they will ask, please, please, Sir, Madam, one minute more.

During my final term examination invigilation duties, I noticed various situations that occurred many times. Students think teachers need to learn what we are doing through secret symbols. Have you seen similar situations on your test days? Share any memorable experiences you have!

Happy studying, and may your exams be filled with a good dose of fun and luck.


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Comments (7)

  • Guzelabout a month ago

    Hahaha it's true....

  • Scarlett Narmi3 months ago

    Wow it reminded me of my student life.

  • Imran Zahid3 months ago

    It was fun read where I think so invigilators had tried some mentioned tricks when they were also students..🤣

  • The Dani Writer3 months ago

    I honestly had NO idea! Makes sense though...that an invigilator would notice trends and patterns, then put two and two together. Now, I'm reflecting on exams taken years ago and trying to remember if there were any 'Coughing Masters' or 'Secret Messengers.' 😁 A fun read!

  • “M”3 months ago


  • Lol when I saw your title, I thought it was gonna be cheaters in a relationship. Hahahaha. I had fun reading this!

  • C. Rommial Butler3 months ago

    A well-wrought and amusing anecdote! I can't claim to have been a good student. Institutions were never my thing! I was the kid who cut school and wandered the neighborhood looking for experience... and I found it! Experience, in the end, is the greatest teacher, for it is each ours and ours alone, a dedicated scholar of truth who loves us--and teaching us!--the way only it can.

Ameer BibiWritten by Ameer Bibi

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