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Failing Forward

A group of friends with big dreams. And even bigger disasters.

By Sophie GarciaPublished 12 months ago Updated 12 months ago 5 min read
Failing Forward
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When it comes to their careers, they redefine "epic fail".


In the hilarious world of "Failing Forward," a tight-knit group of friends pursues their dreams of success in their respective careers, only to find themselves hilariously inept at every turn. Together, they navigate the ups and downs of friendship, failure, and the absurdity of their misadventures, providing non-stop laughter and heartwarming moments along the way.


"Failing Forward" is a half-hour comedy series that follows the lives of a group of friends who are determined to achieve greatness in their chosen careers, despite being spectacularly terrible at them. Each episode explores their hilarious attempts to excel in their fields, resulting in a series of comical mishaps, unexpected twists, and endearing moments of camaraderie.

Meet the Characters:

1. Jake: The aspiring actor who constantly finds himself in the most embarrassing auditions, playing characters that are entirely out of his range. Despite his lack of talent, Jake's unwavering optimism keeps him going, leading to uproarious audition disasters and side-splitting improvisations.

2. Leila: The wannabe chef whose culinary skills leave much to be desired. Sarah's passion for cooking is overshadowed by her inability to follow recipes or master basic techniques. Her culinary creations are consistently disastrous, turning her kitchen into a chaotic, flour-covered battlefield.

3. Max: The aspiring fashion designer with an eye for unique styles, but an utter lack of fashion sense. Max's attempts to create avant-garde fashion pieces result in garish ensembles that elicit laughter rather than admiration. Yet, their unwavering confidence and bold fashion choices make them a lovable underdog.

4. Andi: The aspiring musician who dreams of being a renowned singer-songwriter. Unfortunately, Andi's off-key singing and eccentric song lyrics fail to resonate with audiences. Her misguided attempts at fame include performing at hilariously inappropriate venues and composing songs that are cringe-worthy yet oddly catchy.

5. Ben: The aspiring entrepreneur who is constantly inventing bizarre products that no one wants or needs. Ben's wild ideas and questionable marketing strategies lead to disastrous product launches, leaving him with a warehouse full of unsellable and utterly useless inventions.

6. Olivia: The aspiring journalist with an insatiable curiosity and a knack for stumbling into the most absurd situations. Armed with her trusty notepad and an undying determination to uncover the truth, she embarks on investigative adventures that often lead to unexpected hilarity.

Pilot Episode Synopsis:

The episode kicks off with Jake attending yet another disastrous audition where he confuses lines, trips over props, and unintentionally becomes the highlight of a comedy routine instead of the dramatic performance he intended. Down and defeated, Jake leaves the audition place and heads to the gang's favourite bar.

Meanwhile, back in Sarah and Lisa's apartment, Sarah attempts to impress a renowned chef with her culinary creations by trying to create a signature dish of her own. She tastes her creation and was satisfied by it. However, when she asks Lisa to taste it, Lisa unintentionally gags and runs to the kitchen sink.

After tasting Sarah's dubious dish, Lisa gets a call from the local café owner who tells her that she got the gig to perform on Saturday afternoon. After hearing the great news, she immediately starts rehearsing in the living room. Sarah interrupts her a few seconds after she started singing her eccentric lyrics off-key.

Jake and Max first meet up at the bar, where he tells Jake of his attempt to present his latest collection at a local fashion show, but his avant-garde designs, consisting of mismatched patterns and bizarre accessories, leave the audience in fits of laughter rather than applause.

Olivia, then, comes running into the bar with excitement on her face. She exclaims how she finally got a great scandal that she can write and send to the local paper for publication. She narrates the scandal about a "talentless designer wanna-be who has created a laughable buzz after the embarrassing collection he just put out". The two men immediately realized it was about Max, and Jake attempts to stop Olivia from further making fun of said designer and tells her that Jake is the designer.

After realizing that it was Jake, Olivia awkwardly apologizes and then tells them of a scoop of another scandal. However, Jake and Max try to talk her out of it since they both think the story is ridiculous and will not sell. Excited to prove her journalistic prowess to her friends, she tells them that she will follow the trails given to her by her "trusted" source.

Ben walks in with Sarah and Lisa, all three completely soaked from head to toe. The friends asked the three why they were drenched. And Lisa starts by telling the rest of the group how Ben, who lives next door, tried to launch his latest invention, a self-watering plant pot. However, it backfires spectacularly, causing a flooded mess that ruins the entire apartment floor.

As the pilot episode comes to a close, the friends made a let-down but hopeful toast. The group continues their night as they continue to share each of their day's events, finding solace in their shared failures. And over a round of drinks at their favourite hangout, they realize that their true success lies in their unwavering support for one another, the endless laughter they bring to each other's lives, and the joy found in pursuing their dreams together.

Series Highlights:

- The friends decide to collaborate on a talent show, each showcasing their "skills" to disastrous results, culminating in a chaotic finale that becomes an unintentional comedy sensation.

- Jake auditions for a serious drama role but ends up delivering a hilariously over-the-top performance that becomes a viral sensation, making him an unwitting internet meme.

- Sarah enters a cooking competition, relying on unconventional ingredients and bizarre techniques, resulting in an unforgettable disaster that somehow manages to impress the judges in the most unexpected way.

- Max's disastrous fashion line gets accidentally featured in a high-profile runway show, leading to riotous backstage chaos and surprising success due to its unintentional avant-garde appeal.

- Olivia pursues an alleged underground conspiracy involving talking garden gnomes in the local community. As she investigates, her encounters with eccentric sources lead to a chain of hilarious events. This leads to her getting public attention after she published her gnome disaster story.

Why "Failing Forward" stands out:

- Relatable and endearing characters: The group of friends in "Failing Forward" are relatable in their dreams and aspirations, even if their execution falls hilariously short. Viewers will find themselves rooting for their lovable quirks and cheering for their personal growth, all while laughing at their misfortunes.

- Hilarious situational comedy: The series thrives on the contrast between the friends' lofty ambitions and their bumbling incompetence, resulting in side-splitting moments of physical comedy, witty banter, and cringe-inducing failures that will keep audiences rolling with laughter.

- Heartwarming friendships: At its core, "Failing Forward" celebrates the enduring bond of friendship. Despite their individual setbacks, the friends support and uplift each other as they pursue their dreams.


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  • Rachel M.J12 months ago

    This is so fun. I do a little bit of acting, so Jake's character is hilarious to me 😂

Sophie GarciaWritten by Sophie Garcia

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