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Feat of the Fallen

The Quest for the Fireheart

By Sophie GarciaPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Feat of the Fallen
Photo by Joshua Fuller on Unsplash

Silent as shadows, Raven and her crew infiltrated the opulent mansion. Their target: the legendary Fireheart Diamond, rumoured to hold the essence of a fallen star.

They stealthily approached the vault, navigating through security systems. Raven's heart quickened when she caught sight of the fabled gem.

Swiftly, the crew activated their devices and disabled the security mechanisms. Raven's gloved hand delicately touched the diamond, its warmth sending tingles through her fingertips.

But as she plucked the jewel, the room trembled. Alarms blared. A voice boomed over the intercom, "Intruders detected!"

Guards instantly flooded the corridor, wielding weapons. Raven and her crew quickly sprang into action.

Raven's heart raced as she darted through the chaos. Diamond in hand, she quickly slipped through a hidden passage, vanishing into the night.

The chase was on. Raven pursued through winding streets and treacherous rooftops. With each leap, she skillfully evaded capture.

Finally, she found refuge atop a clock tower. The diamond gleamed in her palm. She smirked.

The diamond was secured. Yet, Raven knew that the heist was far from over. This was only the beginning as she danced in the darkness and triumph of her legendary feat that the world will soon know.


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Sophie Garcia

A hobbit. | Instagram @dennyjeantoo

Author of poetry book Bittersweet: An Anthology.

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