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Who is the Famous Astrologer in India?

“The career in astrology is a highly benefic and prolific one, which can soothe and serve the distressed and frustrated lives of the world over! Hence, the deeds and lives of astrologers are magnificent indeed! Fostering such noble aims and intents, is the prestigious Ankit Sharma Ji, a globally famous astrologer in India. His marvelous vedic astrology services refurbished the lives and fortunes of millions in the last two decades, in nations worldwide.”!!!

By Best Astrologer IndiaPublished about a year ago 4 min read
Famous Astrologer in India - Astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji

Well based in Chandigarh and traveling regularly to countries worldwide, astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji has been a great and globally famous astrologer in india for over two decades. Cities developing or booming and located all across the length and breadth of India have been comprehensively and marvelously served by this magnanimous Indian astrologer. Further, the majority of countries coming under the continents of Asia, Europe, North & Central America, and Africa stay well-served through his highly refined and liberally-charged Vedic astrology services, inseparably including Australia. His services solve or/and eliminate various troubles and obstructions ever present in diverse domains of human life. Myriad progressive, happy, and prosperous lives of the world over have been offering hearty gratitude and praises to him regularly. This concise but opulent article gives hugely beneficial and exclusive information about this one of the most successful, highly trusted, and best astrologers in the world at present, together with brief info about his fabulous services.

Broad and deep knowledge in Vedic astrology came as a legacy to prodigious astrologer Ankit Sharma from his internationally renowned astrologer father. He personally made arduous intensive studies also, to develop extraordinary acumen and ingenuity. The successful experience and expertise of decades enhanced his great learning and capabilities further. This all helped him in making the striking invention of two globally-admired astrology-based Yantras, which are the following --- the ‘Sampurna Vivah Sukh Yantra’ and the ‘Sampurna Karyesu Yantra’. Possessing thorough and subtle knowledge of gemstones, he is a world-famous and highly preferred gemstone specialist also.

Best Astrologer in India - Astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji, Call/WhatsApp: +91-98154-18307

His Superb Vedic Astrology Services

Possessing opulent and varied knowledge in vedic astrology, he offers perhaps the broadest range of astrological solutions to help the largest possible fraction of the global population. Also, his solutions have been very incisive and sovereign to the troubles, generously priced, and free of the likely side effects. In general, the following hassles, plights, and obstructions are covered through his vedic astrology services of global praises and trust ---

  • Services for students and the private life of individuals, covering growing disinterest in education or working, ignorance & ambiguities regarding most suitable career avenues, specific covert debilities or inhibitions, adamant anxieties & negativities, any bad habits or addictions, birth chart-related afflictions, depressions or frustrations, insomnia, meager gains at ample efforts, and discontents related with various things.
  • Services for combating problems tolove relationships, including regularly growing differences & clashes between lovers, gradual recessions in mutual allure & affinity, decreasing mutual care & trust, hurting shortage of close understanding & coziness, unfair familial or external disturbances to a love relationship, or marriage, cases of betrayal or breakup in love, and earnest cravings for reviving the lost love and solemn reconciliation.
  • Services for making marriages happen smoothly and harmoniously, in spite of diverse disputes or obstacles to these. Helped are the arranged marriages, love marriages, inter-caste marriages, and even the interreligious marriages. Resolved or nullified are different personal, familial, astrological, or social obstructions.
  • Services for businesses & professions, industries, and corporations, covering problems like slack business or profession, intense & tedious market competitions, stubborn commercial disputes, investment risks, industrial or corporate rivalries, financial blockages & delays, menaces to sustainability or profitability, and dismal future scenarios.
  • Services for scholars and celebrities (politics, sports, media & entertainment, corporate arenas, etc.), for dealing expertly with disciplinary hazards, sluggish careers, grueling struggles or toughening competitions, pangs of frequent failures or ignominies, excessive anxieties or negativities, fierce rivalries, and gloomy future prospects. And,
  • Services for the family and domesticity, for tackling issues like incompatibilities & disputes between husband and wife, lacking marital coziness & succulence, mystic unrest & stagnancy in domesticity, argumentative in-laws & relatives, delayed progeny or childlessness, unruly & disruptive children, and reckless extramarital affairs or oppressive separation/divorce.

Recognitions and Awards Won by Him

This creative, ingenious, and benevolent astrologer has regularly been achieving dignifying and uplifting accolades and awards from time to time during his booming career spanning nearly three decades. The following are some of the most recently won recognitions and awards by him ---

  • National Glory Award 2022 for the "Best Astrologer in India"
  • Golden Glory Award 2022 for the "Most Trusted Astrologer of India"
  • Brand Impacts Right Choice Awards 2021 for the "Best Celebrity Astrologer of the Year"
  • Astrology Red Book and Vastu Convention Award 2020
  • JyotishVachaspati Award 2019
  • JyotishMaha Sagar Award 2019
  • Star Achievers Award 2019 - "Best Astrologer in India"
  • Jyotish Vibhushan Award 2017
  • Jyotish Prangan's Award 2016, 2017, and 2018
  • Akhil Bhartiya Jyotish Award 2015

Lastly, the services of this worldwide celebrated and the best vedic astrologer in india are available swiftly through both the meeting-based (meeting in-person) mode and the online processing mode. Prior appointments for harnessing services are to be made through telephonic or any electronic means. Solutions will be based mainly on the birth chart of the individuals; however, necessary information may be derived from palmistry, numerology, or psychic reading. Contact the famous astrologer in India Ankit Sharma Ji by Direct call or WhatsApp at +91-98154-18307(India) or +44-7452-214792(UK).


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