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When I Got an Electric Current and Saved by Neighbour

Learning the lesson that a stable home life and neighbours are blessings

By Ameer BibiPublished 16 days ago Updated 3 days ago 5 min read
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Often, the most transformative events are those we least want to have happened to us. At the age of 15, I came to this conclusion after going through a traumatic incident that has stayed with me. Then, I also recognized the value of having a stable home life and supportive friends. I’m going to tell you how an ordinary moment changed my way of thinking.

A Shocking and Unforgettable Summer Day

It all started on a typical summer afternoon while I was alone at home. My father was at work, my mother had gone to see a neighbour, and my brothers were playing outside.

There had been a rare period of calm, as having my brothers under the same roof generally meant nonstop fighting. I used peace to study for my upcoming high school examinations.

I enjoyed the harmony of having the place to myself. I also had an unexpected two-hour study session with my organic chemistry textbook. I took a revitalizing shower and some preparation for my chemistry half-book tuition test.

A Lesson in the Making

I quickly got ready and realized I needed to iron my clothes. Despite still having somewhat wet hands and feet from the shower, I plugged the iron into the wall’s electrical socket.

I didn’t give it much thought then because I was too focused on the complex chemical reactions between methane, ethane, benzene and other functional groups (chemistry persons, you better know!). Balancing equations on the right and left sides of the formula was my most important business in organic chemistry.

I went about my usual routine, with six chapters of chemistry flowing through my mind, my left hand holding my ironed clothes and my right hand gripping that electrical equipment (Iron). I had no idea this mundane occurrence would lead to something remarkable.

Something frightening happened when I went to press my clothes. Strange sensations spiked through my body when the iron first touched my clothes. I lost all mental clarity and had no concept of what was happening.

Even though nearly three decades have passed, I can recall the moment accurately. My vision blurred as the world around me dimmed. Standing in the middle of the room, my right thumb was tightly stuck to the iron. The first thing that came to me was getting rid of the iron, so I quickly attempted to remove it.

As I fought to free myself, time seemed to drag on forever. How long my hand, fingers, and arm resisted my directives, I do not know, but it felt like an eternity. I felt myself sinking into panic as the electric shock intensified.

As a science student, my senses soon kicked in, and I recognized with a jolt that the room was filled with an electric field. The weird buzz of electromagnetic waves could be felt in my ears. “Ghooo, ghooo ghoooooo.” Realizing that I was alone in the home and facing this terrifying circumstance sent a wave of panic through me.

A Cry for Help

Remembering the horrifying stories of people killed by sudden electrical currents filled me with fear. As I reflected on this, I was reminded of the tragic death of our neighbor’s aunt. She turned on the top and got an electric shock in her last moments.

Realizing that I was alone in my house, struggling with a thousand-volt current, and gambling Russian roulette with the possibility of dying came as a frightening blow. To convey my hopelessness, I roared as loudly as I could. It was something I’d never done before and never do again.

My cries of “Please help, help, save me!” echoed through the house. The chances were against me because our house was built around a roadside bend. The thing is, I didn’t want to give up. I pleaded with them repeatedly, “Please help, I’m going to die from the electric current; please, please, please, is there anybody nearby who is hearing? Please save me.”

Human nature dictates that children turn to their parents for solace in distress. I pleaded with them, “Amma, Abbu (Mom, Dad), please save your daughter!” It was deafening when I screamed for help to anyone who could hear me.

I found that my left hand was free, so I tried to kick the power cord out of the wall and unplug the iron. But the iron was still in my hand (like it had been penetrated or glued), hurting terribly.

Baji Nanhi, our close friend, was hanging clothing on her rooftop by chance. We shared a roof, but our homes’ entrances were opposite. She constantly discussed how noisy my brothers and I were when we watched television.

So, first, she assumed the two boys were bothering their sister, who always got irritated and began to cry. But she suspected something was wrong when she heard a single voice (help me, save me) and saw no one else nearby. As I screamed for rescue, the noise level increased.

Her immediate response was to cover her head with her son’s shirt (as is customary in our culture) and come running to our doorstep. She was rushing down the street without her typical headscarf and didn’t notice what others thought of her. My mom was walking down the road when she saw Baji Nanhi rushing toward our house.

A Helping Hand from the Neighborhood

The electricity almost killed me, but thankfully, Baji Nanhi and my mum heard my frantic screams in time to save me. A look of shock and fear on my mom’s face told me that they had rapidly sensed the seriousness of what was happening. Baji Nanhi, despite her fear, acted carefully and firmly.

Amidst her coming in to save me, I pleaded with her to stop. There’s too much electrical current in the room in the air! My throat hurt from crying hard, and tears ran down my cheeks. Then, she went to the exterior circuit box and shut the main switch.

The first thing I heard was the metallic crack as the iron hit the ground. Fortunately, my head didn’t take any severe hits because I landed on a cot when I hit the floor (the second noise). After a few seconds, Baji Nanhi, a robust and tall woman around 30 years old, entered my room. Seeing me blue, she gave me hot milk.

After that, my mom took me to the emergency room to ensure I hadn’t suffered any serious harm. The doctor confirmed that I had received minor burns to my thumb but would fully recover with time and care.

Community Bonds

My mom, Baji Nanhi, and I showed neighbourly affection and care. Our resilience in the face of sorrow had served as a powerful reminder of the power of community.

“In the darkest currents, we find the brightest connections.”

What I learned that day has stayed with me all these years. Because of its potency, electricity requires careful handling. I also learned how important love, quick thinking and helping people are when things go wrong. Even though I was horrified by the electric shock, it taught me some of the most vital lessons of my life.


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I am a mother of three. My life is full of stories and I love to read human stories.

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Comments (35)

  • Carol Townenda day ago

    I'm glad you are ok. And yes, I agree there is value in having friends who care, especially when you're in trouble.

  • Zayn 6 days ago

    Amazing story keep uploading

  • angela hepworth6 days ago

    I’m so glad you’re okay!!

  • Great story and thanks for sharing

  • Alexavier7 days ago

    Very good story. Enjoyable to read⭐🌟

  • Asad Message8 days ago

    Happy new life maam

  • Andrea Corwin 10 days ago

    Holy crapola!! This is frightening and I am so glad you survived!! When you said they came running to help I was afraid they, too would be electrocuted but they were so smart to turn off all current at the box!! What a life story😳 Thanks for sharing. 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻

  • Muhammad Safdar10 days ago

    These memories stay with us forever. It was a gripping story from beginning to end.

  • Jane Katt11 days ago

    Wow, what an intense and heartfelt story! It's incredible how a terrifying experience can teach such valuable life lessons. Thanks for sharing this powerful narrative!

  • Novel Allen12 days ago

    Thank the stars for good neighbors, so glad that you got help before it was too late. A fascinating story. Congrats.

  • This story powerfully demonstrates the strength of community and the importance of quick, caring responses in emergencies. The vivid details and heartfelt reflections highlight the lasting lessons learned from a frightening experience.

  • Muhammad Wasif13 days ago

    Your story also highlights the incredible power of human connection and the importance of a supportive community. The quick thinking and selfless actions of Baji Nanhi and your mother saved your life, demonstrating the strength of the bonds between neighbors and family. It's heartening to know that even in the darkest of times, there are people willing to rush to our aid without hesitation.

  • Congrats on top story, dear! Well deserved, these memories stay with us forever. It was a gripping story from beginning to end.

  • muniba shafiq14 days ago

    Our relationship should be strong with our neighbors... Such an amazing story full of suspense☺️

  • Congrats on your top story!

  • Awais Bhuttah14 days ago

    What an amazing story full of suspense and fear. But it taught a very good lesson that their should always be strong bonds with your neighborhood.

  • Khan14 days ago

    Congratulations on the top story ❤️

  • Hasan14 days ago

    how to contact you bro

  • girlbos memo14 days ago

    sangat inspiratif

  • Lost in Writing14 days ago

    Thanks for sharing and raising awareness of these dangers.

  • Back to say congratulations on your Top Story! 🎉💖🎊🎉💖🎊

  • Rachel S14 days ago

    wow! Beautiful!

  • Robyn Peterson14 days ago

    You had me captivated with every word. Very specific, I liked that. :) thank you for your human experience written here on vocal.

  • Oh you really put such detail and visceral emotion into this I can picture it so well what a scary thing to deal with!!! Sorry for your pain. Great job 👏 with your piece

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