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Things to do on Valentine's day when your single

Valentine's day single

By Queen anonymous Published about a year ago 4 min read
Things to do on Valentine's day when your single
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Don't be sad, and don't worry, being single on Valentine's day is all about self love. You can have an amazing day. Just like Miley Cyrus said in her song Flowers: "I can buy myself flowers, write my name in the sand, talk to myself for hours, say things you don't understand". There is nothing better than spoiling yourself, and not having to worry about pleasing anyone.

You don't need anyone to go do something for valentine's day. This may even be the best opportunity for you to express your gratitude towards others. I am going to make a list for you of what to do on this special day.

Go get pampered:

Go get your nails done, a nice pedicure, go get a massage, a wax, get your eyebrows done, you can even get a facial. so many fun things to make yourself relax and feel good. You can also make a bath with nice things, put rose petals inside, get a champaign, etc.

Get yourself a drink:

You start with a Starbuck or Dutch bros coffee, or tea to get the day started. You can also get a smoothie, or a green juice if you like healthier alternatives. Later in the day you can take yourself out to the bar and get a beer of your choice, or a winery and go wine tasting, get a cocktail, margaritas, you name it.

Book a hotel at a nice resort:

Enjoy some peace and quiet by booking a resort room. Later you can go to the pool and go buy yourself a drink, and some dinner. They might even have dessert, you can ask for a champaign bottle, or some wine. Bring a book, listen to music, go get a massage. It's always a fun time at resorts.

Go to the movies:

If you've never been to the movies alone this is your sign to start doing that. You can go watch the new Magic Mike movie that just came out: Magic Mike's last dance, it looks like exciting and fun. I even think that they purposely released this movie one valentine's day for us single people.

Eat at a nice restaurant:

Make reservations just for you on Valentine's day at a really nice restaurant. Make sure you start booking your resevations now becuase the closer it is to Valentin's day the more booked the places will be. Don't be worried about the couples that will be surrounding you that day, stay focused on you, your food, and bring some earbuds to enjoy some music or ask to be seated outside were you can see a nice view. Don't be afraid to spend all you want on your special day, just come prepared, save for that day.

Take yourself shopping:

It's always fun to go to the mall and get a few things for you, also just to walk around and get an ice cream. Get that pandora bracelet you have been wanting, or that lipstick you adore, or a perfume, some clothes, shoes. The possibilities are endless, some malls have a food court too.

Get a new hair cut or style:

Getting a haircut or a style change can be very refreshing, it's like starting brand new. You never know if you might just run into the love of your life on Valentine's Day, and if not, at least it gives you the confidence you need.

Plan something with your single friends:

Go do something fun like rock climbing, hiking, or any fo the activities listed on this page with a group of friends. Create a group chat so all of you can discuss ideas on what you all want to do that day. You can also go for drinks with your girls or your guy friends.

Confess your love to someone:

If you are interested in somebody, or you have been crushing on them just tell them. Find the courage to ask them out for Valentine's day, but don't lag on them. This is the worst day to stand someone up, so just make sure you make it right for them. If you are the masculine in this connection bring something to the date, don't go empty handed. Flowers, a cake, some candy, a stuffed plush anything will do, even a card. Also. remember to make the reservations way ahead of time before they run out of spots for that day.

Buy something for someone:

You can help someone in need who may be homeless or having a rough patch by buying them a meal or taking them shopping. You can also get something for someone that you care about like a family member that you know is alone on Valentine's or got stood up. You might just make someone's day bright, and you as well will feel good doing so. Hug your loved ones, after all this day is about giving and receiving love.

Go to the bookstore:

Places like Barnes and Noble are so nice and sometimes they have a coffee shop. Get a tea or a coffee and enjoy reading some books and take one or two or however many you want home. Just picturing it puts my mind at ease.

Take a class:

You can take a dance class, art class, pottery class, yoga, or anything you find interest in. You can learn some skills or get out of your comfort zone either one will benefit you.

You don't have to conform to only one of these activities, you can do as many of these as you want in one day. For example, get yourself a Starbucks then go to the mall, get a snack, then go for your nail appointment, and end it with a dinner at the nice restaurant, go home and have a lovely bath, all withing your budget OfCourse.

I hope this helps some of you and thank you for reading. You are welcomed to subscribe for free to see more articles like this.

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