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The 'Shooting' Pattern is Clear

Identifying the REAL enemy.

By The Rogue ScribePublished 6 months ago 10 min read
Credit: The Tennessean

First and foremost, my heart and prayers are with the families of all the people who were killed in the Nashville shooting; including the villain. Read why below.

Let's begin with a couple of stats:

- According to Gun Violence Archives, there have been a total of 9990* deaths related to gun violence this year.

- The 2023 report indicates a combined amount of 144* of those incidents were caused by mass shootings (injuries) and murders.

- Politicians and activists alike have pushed for "assault-style" weapons bans, ignoring the true glaring issue.

Now, I know for a fact people have come after me ever since writing about the Texas school shooting in Uvalde.

"How dare you say that guns aren't the problem?! Think of the children!"

Well, don't worry, I'm here to set the record straight.

For the reader: I'm not pushing any political views or whatever the alternative to that is.

I had no real interest in taking on certain twisted ideas or topics up until recently. The only thing preventing me from speaking was that nobody had the heart or soul to talk about these things sincerely without emotions being set on fire, and for good reasons.

These are, after all, controversial subjects and are not to be taken lightly.

The loss of any human life is tragic. Some might argue that evil people deserve to die and I would be inclined to agree. However, in the grand scheme of things, death by any means is a tragedy for anyone who experiences it.

That is a fact of life and not up for debate.

Shootings are happening nearly every other day in the US, so it's impossible for me to just "wait until people calm down" to talk about things. In fact, I'm never going to wait until the "dust settles" on this issue or any other "controversy" again.

I'm going to do what I do best and expose the REAL enemy here through my understanding of how words work to control the narratives.

Mainly because it's exhausting to watch people run around in panic and confusion about concepts that are not supposed to be THIS complicated. Someone needs to call it as they see it.

Patterns in Narratives

Let's re-establish some basic terms and concepts.

By Definition, "Assault" Means to Attack.

Why does this matter? "Assault weapons" is one of those redundant terms causing major division between 2nd Amendment advocates, anti-gun activists, politicians, and the general population. They've managed to come up with all of these insane definitions of what constitutes an "assault-style" weapon and what doesn't.

I'll give them credit for creativity but will still fail them for confusing everyone including themselves.

What Is a "Weapon"?

There should be no confusion about what a weapon is.

Weapons, specifically firearms, are primarily designed to maim, injure or otherwise kill someone. By this definition, weapons are primarily designed to attack. This is a fact.

If you disagree, then please name ANY other item that is sold and marketed as a 'weapon' and isn't PRIMARILY designed to attack, destroy or otherwise injure someone or something. Comment with your answer below.

Can Anything Become a Weapon?

Short answer: Yes. Anything can become a weapon in the face of danger.

So, why aren't things like forks, belts, and skateboards sold and marketed as weapons? Because they are things that were not PRIMARILY designed to attack, injure, or otherwise kill people. They serve a different primary purpose.

Although they have different primary uses, they can all still become weapons. How so? Simple: via the user's intentions.

What is "Intent"?

By definition, intent is simply the "objective" or the purpose.

People buy cars most likely to travel from one point to another.

People buy spoons most likely to eat soup or stir drinks.

People buy firearms most likely to maim, injure or otherwise kill someone - hopefully in self-defense.

The argument that some people buy firearms for "sport" or "hunting" isn't really an argument at all. Hunting involves injuring or killing an animal, therefore supporting the purpose of what a weapon is primarily for.

Firearms purchased for "sport" is irrelevant because it doesn't really disprove their primary design - the only thing it proves is that the user's intent is flexible. I imagine the goal of the 'shooting sport' is to compete and test your aim against others. Something that can be done with any other projectile tool.

That's why nobody buys a firearm to use it as a straw...

Now that we have those clear and simple definitions, let's move on.

The Villain of The Story

The shooter, a biological female who apparently became "transgender" overnight, is actually somewhat of a surprise element.

When I heard about this shooting, I expected to find another story of a "male who was failed by his community or bullied in school" and "had no other choice but to exert violence upon 'unsuspecting' victims."

That is the usual narrative. But not in this case.

Now, we have a "transgender 'male' who shot and killed adults and children at a Christian Prebysterian private school using 'assault-style' weapons".

Then you have testimonies of the villain.

To paraphrase: "She was a normal person growing up. Nothing would have led us to believe this would happen. She was very nice and very religious. Maybe a little quiet." Some news reports detail "high-functioning autism".

I want you to pay really close attention to the terminology used in these narratives.

This is where the majority of the population - that means you - are getting conned. These terms and phrases are carefully sewn into the reports and speeches by expert wordsmiths and are meant to drive people in certain directions - usually with ulterior motives.

Thankfully, I'm a Rogue Wordsmith for a reason. I take no sides other than the truth.

The Real Enemy

To summarize, we've established what defines "assault", weapons, and intent. We've identified the specific terms used to describe the shooter (A 'transgender' male who was otherwise 'peaceful' and 'quiet') and her targets (Christian children and adults).

With all of these clues, the range of responses from the general population is easy to identify and narrow down as well:

-"Why is this happening? We must ban all assault weapons."

-"Why is this happening? Trans people are a danger to society."

-"Why is this happening? We must protect the children."

-"Why is this happening? This is a terrorist attack on Christians."

Close, but no cigar.

Simply put:

The reason these things keep happening is because broken people, primarily broken men, are being enabled to remain in their brokenness.

What Is a Broken Man?

It's almost comical how people's perceptions have been reduced to arguing about what men or women are supposed to be. This is relevant to the topic since the shooter claimed to be "transgender."

In order to answer that, we need to define what BROKEN men or women are.

Broken men and women, in any capacity, exhibit the following:

- Incapability of setting the correct examples for fear of being "canceled", judged, or excluded. Furthermore, they constantly seek validation, reassurance, and acceptance from others. These characteristics are not beneficial to anyone who is in any position of power; like the "leaders" of the "modern" world.

- Incapability of properly processing any kind of criticism - constructive or destructive - and using it to their benefit.

- Perpetual sadness or stress; always a "victim" of the world or a self-proclaimed "product of their surroundings".

- Incapability of holding themselves accountable for their words or actions. By extension, they become parasitic, irresponsible, and ultimately unproductive members of any healthy society. They are unfit to build or maintain any kind of relationship, pursue meaningful goals, or think rationally when required.

- Active evasion of conflict, discomfort, or displeasure.

- High dependence on external pleasures, addictions, and distractions: Sex, drugs, alcohol, internet, etc.

The list can go on, but you get the point.

"But Rogue Scribe, nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. We're only human."

That's not the argument and I'm not asking for people to reach perfection. Yes, we all break - but we cannot stay broken.

We need to stop enabling and coddling these broken behaviors, call them out, and oppose them more strongly.

Nobody will admit this, but the fact is that the people close to the shooter allowed her to behave in some, if not all, of the ways I've listed.

Willful ignorance and cowardice are no longer acceptable as an excuse for the death of the innocent.

The shooter actively refused to participate in her own rescue. Probably because she either failed to recognize the signs on her own and accept her brokenness, recognized them and willfully ignored them, or other people allowed her to remain in that brokenness and "just wanted her to be happy". All of these scenarios are inexcusable for two reasons:

- How can the shooter, incapable of seeing flaws in herself, see enough flaws in others to kill them?

- How can her immediate friends and family not see any red flags develop over 28 years of life?

We can't keep pretending like broken people are "just doing their best". If we don't see progress within a reasonable amount of time, we must intervene. Otherwise, we become complicit spectators to the tragedies they carry out.

Also, you can't sincerely believe that these things just "suddenly happen out of nowhere".

I don't believe that a sane person that was "always a nice kid" suddenly wakes up, 28 years later, and says to themselves: "You know what would be a good idea today? To change my gender and shoot up a school".

Read that last paragraph out loud and listen to how insane that sounds. That's because it is. And we need to call things for what they are: Insane.

But no, we're so careful to not "offend" others that we end up playing right into their psychotic episodes. This is the result.

Take it from me: You will NEVER win a war unless you identify who your REAL enemy is.

Not "assault" weapons, not "trans" people, not a religion... Sometimes, your worst enemy is actually you.

It's your duty as a symbol of strength and leadership to accept when you might be the problem, surrender to it, and seek help if you know you need it.

If you can't bring yourself to that then there is no other option left but to face the consequence of choosing to remain where you are.

With that said, and since I don't want to speak for women at this time, I leave the MEN with this:

Be strong. Be courageous. Be sharp.

This isn't a call to begin twisting arms and breaking teeth to get your way. It's quite the opposite: Become so incredibly strong that you do not fall for the snare of exerting violence upon others. Become so courageous that you're unstoppable in your quest to accept and work toward fixing your own weaknesses. Become so sharp that your words alone become your swords.

In many cases, you'll find that what is often reduced to fists and insults can be easily diffused with an honest conversation. Disempowered, broken men are incapable of this. Your power is always yours.

I hope for the truth to be spoken with as much compassion as possible, and for these senseless shootings to stop.

For all the lives tragically lost, all we can do is offer a moment of silent reflection, and pray that they rest in peace.

Godspeed, Rogues...

Stay sharp. Stay alert.

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