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all signs reading for 21 june 2024

By svvittartarotPublished about a month ago 4 min read

The following readings have been written by me, svvittartarot, using tarot cards as divination tools. if you would like a personal reading, please head to my website; you can find details in my bio.

air signs / libra, gemini, aquarius

you’re at the start of a new cycle in your life. either the story is beginning now, or the old story is beginning a new chapter. it’s a positive start regardless - think about what you want to attract into your life. seek guidance now on the best way forward. a ‘yes’ is coming your way, so make sure you’re on the right path.

your issues at this time seem to be around believing something is too good to be true - you’re making that a reality by believing it. you need to instead trust in the fact that you can have and deserve good things in your life. stop talking yourself out of them.

you need to forgive someone (or yourself) - this is holding you back. while there’s no way to know the outcome of what’s coming next, forgiveness is a positive step in the right direction. let go of any bitterness.

you’re being guided to accept responsibility for your actions. take responsibility for your current situation, as it was you who got you here. it may be confronting to accept, but what’s going on outside of you is a reflection of what’s within. ask yourself: why did i create this situation? you need to be courageous and face some difficult truths.

earth signs / taurus, virgo, capricorn

ask yourself - what would your current situation look like if it were healed? when you answer this, consider what part of your life would need to heal. believe in your ability to heal this part of yourself - what might be painful now will soon become much easier. you need to feel your emotions rather than deny them.

your current issue is that you aren’t trusting your intuition. sometimes you’re siding with logic, or what someone else has taught you, or told you through their experience. it’s time to start trusting what your gut has to say. get back on track with setting intentions and taking actions towards what you want.

you have a lot of guidance for this period - you received three cards instead of just one. you’re being guided to accept help, change your tune and release blocks.

be honest about your emotions - if anger is among your emotions, you may need to seek assistance on how to deal with that anger. anger will block everything. you must release it. when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. it’s time to get out of old habits. don’t be afraid to admit you were wrong, or to try something different.

someone wants to help you. don’t be stubborn - accept the help.

fire signs / aries, leo, sagittarius

you seem to have found the people who matter the most to you, and you the most to them. if you haven’t already become comfortable sharing your feelings with these people or this person, now is the time to begin doing so. putting on a brave face to save others from what you’re going through is no longer an option - it’s time to share and deepen these connections you have with this circle of people.

the issues facing you during this time are twofold - you’re being asked to face your fears, and there’s something in your past that needs to be released. you are either going to slip back into old habits of the past, or recognise them, break free from that pattern and move forward.

you may find you are spending quite a lot of time on your own at the moment, this is a positive. be kind to yourself and understand that whatever you’re going through right now is a lesson. it’s important to share how you feel with someone you trust - and stop being stubborn.

your guidance is around taking risks and shadow work. there’s big emphasis on loving yourself and believing in yourself. practice gratitude and seeing the world through a ‘glass half full’ lens. your shadow is the part of you that you are ashamed of, or find hard to love. you’re being asked to accept and forgive yourself, and be much kinder to yourself.

water signs / pisces, cancer, scorpio

you’re repressing emotions at the moment, they need to be released. there is a dose of anger here that is blocking you from releasing this. being strong and silent is a myth. be honest about your feelings and ask someone for advice. allow yourself to express your emotions, whatever they may be.

what you’re going through now is being influenced by past memories. this sounds like limitations placed on you by others that you might be perpetuating now onto other people. you need to be honest about which situation from your past is negatively influencing your present.

you received three cards for guidance instead of one - process your feelings, embrace uncertainty and take a risk.

you have a couple of cards here about speaking with a counselor, therapist or another person who could provide you with guidance. strongly consider that, and what type of person would work best for you. this is the second card for releasing feelings and emotions. there’s something about using your voice, either sing, scream - something with your voice.

the path forward isn’t clear - but you’re encouraged to explore your dreams and intuition. trust your feelings. there’s something here “you’ll learn what you need to know”.


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